King Of Cups In TarotThe Scene in the card.

The King of Cups in Tarot depicts a man sitting on a throne cloaked in royalty. In his right hand he holds a golden cup and in his left hand he holds a sceptre, which is an ornamented staff. Behind him and around him is a choppy turburlent sea representing the unconscious mind and the emotions. He is wearing a fish amulet and a fish behind him on his right jumps out of the sea. Fish in Tarot symbolise  the balancing of the conscious and unconscious mind, as well as a symbol of creativity and spirit. A ship on his left hand side sails calmly over the rough seas which symbolises the mastery of emotions, even when they are going from one extreme to the other.

The Meaning of Kings in Tarot.

The Kings in Tarot are about outward focus and male energy. They can depict a personality type, or represent an aspect of yourself in a given situation and how you might be approaching it. Kings are wise as they have come through a series of lessons in life and therefore usually represent accumulated knowledge and experience in an area depending on which suit the King appears in.

Suit of Cups in TarotThe Meaning of Cups in Tarot.

Cups represent the emotional realm in Tarot. They resonate with the element of water, therefore they reflect the more intangible elements of life such as joy, creative expression, love, feelings of abundance and union with matters of the heart. The King of Cups can therefore refer to a man who is in the creative arts, or a teacher who teaches their students with great heart and has a tremendous amount of calmness and patience. This personality type is caring, tolerant and understanding. He is highly compassionate, and exudes much wisdom. He could be symbolic of a person in your life, yourself or if you are female, it could be a sign that now is a great time to embody the energy of this card in your life.

Practical applications.

Approach the situation you are thinking about with great compassion and understanding. Be tolerant of others and respond to their emotional needs. Keep your views broadminded and seek a deeper knowledge of life. Approach your work with great heart and inspiration. Stay patient in situations that test your ability to be calm. Be influential in quite and calming ways and others will feel good in your presence. Take some time to tap into a well of creativity.

King of cups in tarotQuestions to ask yourself when you draw this card.

  • Are you able to balance the needs of several people within a group?
  • Do you need to maintain your composure in certain situations?
  • Do you have untapped creative talent that would bring you inner joy if you allowed yourself to explore it?
  • Are you in a situation that calls on your leaderships skills which requires you to influence others to get connected to their hearts to help them achieve more?
  • Would now be a good time to take on some volunteer or charity work and explore your caring compassionate side?
  • How do you use your creative energy? Is it constructive?
  • Is there a person in your life who has the energy of the King of Cups where you feel you could learn a great deal from them?

What does the King of Cups mean to you in your life? Do you know someone like this? Or do you feel you would benefit at this time from embracing the energy of this personality type? Feel free to comment below and let me know!