The weekly Tarot reading for Monday 13th August suggests that this week is a week to consider where you might be putting importance on material possessions over your spiritual well being. The cards and their positions were:

  • King Of Pentacles Reversed-The Opportunity
  • 7 of Wands Reversed-The Block
  • 2 of Pentacles-The Key

king-of-pentacles in tarotI feel this combination of cards has revealed that often when we are trying to make decisions about a certain direction we do so out of fear rather than one of inner security. When I say ‘inner security’ what I mean is that we tend to look at a material real life circumstance facing us, and want to change it because we don’t like what we see. The physical world provides us with contrast to help us shift and grow, but where we often go wrong is when things in our external life don’t look the way we would like them to look and rather than going to our heart to make a decision, we go to our head.

So you may ask-what does going to your heart actually look like or feel like? Well, rather than looking at an external circumstance and judging it to be good or bad, we need to look away from a certain reality of our life and focus on what it would FEEL like if things were different. We need to be a creator in our own mind and ask ourselves what kinds of things we would be doing or what kind of person we would be if we already had the circumstance we desired currently in our life. Then we need to ‘act as if’. Or, ‘act in faith’ that things will work out. Setting up a positive mind set at the beginning of the day is crucial here because everything will roll on from this point throughout the rest of the day and the week, month and year.

If you are feeling dissatisfied with a current condition in your life (and in this reading I feel it relates to material wants and gain due to the presence of the King Of Pentacles Reversed),-rather than continually looking at the situation and emotionally reacting to ‘what is’, ask yourself what is one action you could take today where you are coming from a place of already having the thing that you want, rather than coming from a place of lack. Make decisions with the expectation that things will work out-rather than focusing on them not working out. The act of doing this is a continual art form of course and often something that does not come ‘naturally’ to us.

7 of wands in tarotIf it is more money that we want-the next card (7 of Wands Reversed) is suggesting that part of the block to having more money is focusing on too many things at once. If it is a different living situation that we desire, we may need to get clear as to what our top priority in life is at the moment and make a decision from that rather than looking at too many options at once. When you make decisions from shaky ground (eg lack of clarity about what is most important to you), the final decisions will not usually work out well for you. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make ANY decision, but you may need to first consider which decision you need to make first, and that is asking yourself what is most important to your life right now.

The following card of the 2 of Pentacles suggests that the key to all this is balancing the spiritual with the practical. The spiritual aspect of decision making is firstly around being clear about what your absolute top priorities in life are. When you have mental and emotional clarity, the practical decisions you need to make become much easier. The 2 of Pentacles is about riding the ups and downs of life with grace and aiming to be light hearted about it. When we have fear around money and material circumstance and we keep focusing on the fear and worrying about all the ‘what if’s’ (the many possibilities of the the 7 of Wands ‘coming at you’), then it is hard to balance the practical with the mental/spiritual aspects of our lives.2-of-pentacles in Tarot

Personal Development Spotlight

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My YouTube message for the week: Increase your energy with simple exercises.

Part of feeling good emotionally is taking actions to feel good physically first. One affects the other. Here is a 20-minute easy to perform energy exercise that will release your hips (hips often get tight when we find it hard to make decisions) free up your breathing (can be restricted when we are feeling fear and not acting from a place of inspiration) as well as help to release emotional blockages (which often stop us from making good decisions for ourselves).