cosmic energyIn order to begin receiving what we want out of life, it is important to consider whether we are feeling in good shape physically, mentally and emotionally.
If we are constantly tired, feeling stiff in our body and a little on the depressed side, it is very hard to start manifesting a better life for ourselves because the Universe responds to the main vibration we are giving out to the world.

Take for example musical tuning forks.

Lets say we strike a tuning fork which is tuned to the note ‘A’, and there are other tuning forks in the vicinity that are also tuned to the note ‘A’. An interesting thing occurs once you strike just one of these forks in that the other forks will automatically begin to ring as well because they are in tune with the vibrations that the fork which was stuck is tuned at.
Check out this 1 minute YouTube clip to demonstrate this basic principle in the world of mainstream physics.

Our body and our mind in connection to the Universe work much the same. Emotions resonate at a particular frequency, and if our dominant thought patterns are a little on the negative side and we are struggling with some health issues caused by simple neglect on our part, we will not be at our full manifesting power for making our dreams come true. The Universe is ‘listening’ to our dominant emotions and thought patterns, and will give us more of the same.
Here are 5 tips for getting into better shape on a mind and body level in order to give our hopes and dreams the best chance of occurring.

Mind Body ExercisesMeditation with a difference.

Maximise your meditation efforts by allowing the 21st century to help you. There is technology out there today that can cut your meditation time in half and make it more enjoyable. The technology is known asbinaural beats’. Sound has a powerful effect on our biological system. Brain and body chemistry can be altered by listening to carefully created mp3 tracks with headphones which has the sound technology embedded into the track. If you would like more information on this technology, click here  and receive some free downloads to try out for yourself.

Mind Body TuningExercise.

It goes without saying that exercise is something we all need to to do-especially in this modern world where we spend so much of our time sitting down in front of a screen. 30 minutes a day of focused exercise is all you need to be fit, or at the minimum, try and make sure you have moved enough throughout your day. It is easy to keep track of how many steps you are doing per day with one of the many fitness wrist bands out on the market such as the Apple Watch, the Fitbit or the Jawbone Up.

Green smoothie for mind body healthEat well.

If you are filling your body with junk food everyday, then the result is likely to be a series of junk thoughts and emotions. Our mind and body functions best we when receive adequate nutrition. One easy way to begin is change just one thing you are doing per day to get better nutrition. For example, you could begin with just having a green smoothie a day without changing anything else about your diet. In a short amount of time you will begin to feel the difference just by changing one thing and will help you be more motivated to change other things about your diet.

Adequate sleep mind body toolsAdequate sleep.

Lack of sleep is one of the top causes of lack of mental clarity and there could be many reasons why we may not be getting enough. Issues that range from having young children who wake you up throughout the night to sleep apnea to drinking too much caffeine throughout the day to heightened stress levels in general. The above suggestions will all help to alleviate some of the problems with lack of sleep by giving your body a chance to have deep sleep (even if it is only for 3-4 hours-which is better than 8 hours of crappy sleep.)

Tarot Routine and RitualCreate routine and ritual in your life.

Here is where the Tarot can really help. By starting your day with time to reflect on your spiritual life and writing in a journal. Drawing a Tarot card a day to help the right side of your brain offer suggestions for problems you may be experiencing to help release inner resistance to the things you most want to happen in your life. Writing takes the charge off emotions, and drawing on the inspiration of the Tarot allows an anchor point for your mind to focus on. For example, lets say you draw a so called ‘negative card; like the 3 of Swords. This is where good self questioning can come in handy. You might ask yourself ‘Who do I need to forgive in my life in order to clear some energy? What hurt am I still holding onto that no longer serves me?’