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Liz Hennessy- Tarot reader and intuitive

This week I decided to do a more general reading to mix things up a bit, and I focused on a’ Law Of Attraction’ spread. I was pretty amazed at what showed up as every single card was a major arcana card! I think this might be the first time I have ever come across a reading where every card had such significance (and yes! I shuffled really well!) So, as you are reading below, think of an issue in your life that this relates to. I find messages in general readings that others do all the time, so here is mine for the week!

WHAT IS- The Hanged Man Reversed

The Hanged Man In TarotThe Hanged Man often relates to a sense that you feel like you are in a situation where nothing much seems to be happening and like time is standing still. However, in its reversed position you may feel as if you have to self-sacrifice in a way that is leading you to feel negatively about the situation at hand. Martyrdom is often indicated when this card is reversed and the problem is, if you are unsure how to set your boundaries and hold your own power and give others their own power, it can put you in a vulnerable situation. So this week might be a good time to ask yourself how much you really have to do for others where they would actually be better of doing it themselves. If this is around relationships-you could be making yourself overly responsible for other peoples problems and taking them on yourself where it will only lead you to feel resentful and where there is not a balance of power leading you to feel weakened.

When it relates to career, it can mean you are putting in a lot of unnecessary work that is leading you to feel depleted and therefore vulnerable where others may take advantage of you.

Cards 2-WHAT YOU WANT-The High Priestess Reversed CARD 3-WHERE ARE YOU FOCUSED The Tower

High Priestess MeditationYou are seeking a greater knowing of all things where you can move past obstacles to deeper self-knowledge. However, as this card has come up reversed, you are either unaware that this is your souls deepest yearning at the moment or you are having trouble accessing the deeper knowing or deep intuition. You know if you could somehow ‘crack the code’ you would be on your way to more abundance and enhancement of your creativity, but because the next card is The Tower which indicates where your focus is, you may be feeling too turbulent to access the deep intuition and messages from your higher self because there may be so much change around you or you just feel you have to put out fires and you’re not getting a chance for deep rest and introspection needed to access higher knowledge.


Strength card in TarotDespite there feeling like there is a need to focus on the chaos-the real need is to turn your attention to the longings of your soul or the purity of what your heart wants. If you only focus on putting out fires and all the surrounding chaos (and this applies to any moment in time, but it is particularly relevant to this reading) you will lose a lot of inner strength and will be prone to falling prey to untamed emotions leading you to make poor decisions for yourself. This is the message of Strength Reversed.

Card-5 ADVICE OR COMMENT-Judgement Reversed

The Judgement card in TarotI feel the key to unlocking this reading lies in stilling the mind and emotions to be able hear the deep callings of your soul. Because what you truly want is to access higher wisdom and knowledge as indicated by the High Priestess, but there are very strong forces around you prompting you to come off your path and live in ways that don’t enable you to hear the call of your soul or deeper knowing or whatever you perceive the wiser aspect of yourself to be. This is indicated by Judgement Reversed where you are in a position where you ‘can’t hear the call’. The judgement card in tarot refers to allowing your self to yield to a calling that comes from a place where ego is not at all involved. If we miss this ‘opportunity’, it will come around again, but it may just mean that for now, you won’t be able to hear the messages or access deeper knowing and more spiritual maturity  if you cannot take your focus off all the surrounding chaos. You will continue to have inner suffering until it gets to a breaking point that you are forced to find other ways to live and think and it will feel like less of a choice.


Tarot and the Chariot CardThe Chariot reminds us that in order to access more rewarding experiences in our life, we may go through struggles that shape our personality in a way that prepares us for what is to come. It reminds us that in order to gain more, we may have to risk more and must be willing to ride the ups and downs to arrive victorious. There is duality in this card where struggles are needed to help us define more precisely what we want and where we are going and who we will be doing it with.

Questions to ponder:

  • Where am I giving my power away to others or situations and possibly being a martyr? (Hanged Man Reversed)
  • How can I access the part of me that I know is my wiser self and ‘crack the code’? (High Priestess Reversed)
  • How can I take my focus off the chaos that feels like is all around me at the moment? (The Tower)
  • What gives me inner strength? Do I need to take some lifestyle measures that enable me to feel more in control of my life and therefore lead me to feel more strength? (Strength Reversed)
  • What inner promptings might I not be willing to listen to? (Judgement Reversed)
  • How can I accept the struggles in my life as being something that helps me carve out a stronger identity for myself rather than something that weakens me? (The Chariot).

What do you think? How does this spread and these cards and questions relate to your life right now? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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