UPDATE 29th MAY 2018: This program is no longer available on Mindvalley, however, Lee Holden has a program that is even better that you can purchase here. 

Lee Holden Modern Qigong is hosted by Mindvalley and is an online Qigong training program that demystifies the ancient practice of a powerful energy healing modality that goes back 5000 years.  Qigong has some similarities to Tai Chi, however it is older than Tai Chi, and easier to practice. No special clothes are necessary or special coordination abilities. It is perfect for people with injuries or who dislike intensive exercise, and it may actually have more benefits than intensive exercise.


  • $99 for instant access online. $129 for online access and physical CD’s shipped to your home.

What you get:

  • 6 video lectures which teach you about Qigong and its benefits. 2 video lessons consisting of 10 minute exercises-one for morning and one for the evening.
  • 2 video lessons consisting of 20 minute exercsies-one for morning, one for evening.
  • 6 Bonus lessons which target specific areas such as Qigong for stress and tension, how to have more energy,  better sleep, neck and shoulder pain, focus and mental clarity and Qigong for healing others.
  • Access to the Mindvalley platform which also include which stores your files from the courses you have purchased and makes it extremely easy to download them onto your computer, or watch them directly from the Mindvalley platform.

Lee Holden Modern Qigong

The pros:

  • Lee Holden takes something that is often presented as mystical and complex and breaks it down into something that is easy to understand and easy to practice without it losing any of the powerful effects.
  • You can try before you buy. You can get some free videos sent to you to give you a taster of some of the things you may feel while practicing Qigong and I can guarantee you will definitely feel energy in your body after trying the free exercises.
  • The program is really convenient to access. You can download onto your computer, watch from your smart phone, or save the files and transfer them onto your smart phone which enable you to easily take the exercises with you where ever you go without having to use mobile download data.
  • No need for special gym clothes-practice in whatever you are wearing at the time.
  • Choose between a 10 minute exercise or 20 minute exercise based on how much time you have. But benefits are even felt with a 2 minute exercise.
  • There is a money back guarantee that lasts for 90 days if you are not happy with the program in any way.

The cons:

  • The only real con I feel is that I want more!  After practicing all the lessons for a quite a while, it would be great to have some variety and option to learn more. I would love it if Lee Holden had some kind of membership site where he regularly taught classes online so people can keep learning about Qigong in the convenience of their homes or where ever they happen to be in the world.

Why might I recommend this to anyone who is into Tarot cards?

If you are anything like me, you are too much in your head and not enough in your body. Reading the Tarot (especially if you are new to it) can result in ‘analysis paralysis’ while trying to figure out all the possible meanings of your spreads. When you get into this state, you begin to feel overwhelmed and frustrated and doubt yourself. This is a clue it is time to put the cards down and get back into your body and out of your head and ground yourself with some Qigong!

My experience with the program.

I bought this program back in 2012 and to this very day I still use it most days. I have a background in the fitness industry and have taught all sorts of classes including yoga classes. After learning Qigong from Lee,  my perception of exercising for health and wellness changed forever.

I love Modern Qigong  because it makes me feel:

  • More centered, more energetic and clear for the day ahead, my muscles feel more flexible, whenever I have some pain in my body such as back pain I notice this practice clears it away.

I also love that:Lee Holden Modern Qigong

  • I don’t have to get hot and sweaty to give me a boost of clarity and energy, the benefits are instantly felt and I can easily teach it to others and have them feel the benefits straight away too.
  • Whenever I need a quick refresher after sitting at my desk in front of the computer for hours I can get up and do 5 minutes of this practice and feel as good as new again to continue my work.
  • It also makes me extremely curious about the fact that we are perhaps leaving a whole component out of exercise and health and wellbeing in western society and we could get faster results with our health routines if we included the practice of Qigong with other exercises we do.
  • The program also gives me more energy in order to do more hardcore exercise if I choose to do that, or it acts as a great recovery after doing more intense exercise.