Hello everyone! I want to let you know about the newest addition to my services! I am now on InstantGo.

This app is great if you just have a quick question you would like me to answer through a Tarot reading for a small price of a full Tarot reading. You can text me your question for $10 (Australian dollars) per 160 characters, and I will text you back with around 250-500 words per question with my answer. Please see this page to determine if I am the right reader for you.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to your iPhone app store and search for InstantGo

  2. Download it and set up your profile

  3. Go to the search bar in the app and type ‘Mind Body Tarot’, and my profile will come up.

  4. Click ‘follow’, and then text me your questions!

So far I have had some great feedback with this app!

Check out my profile here:


Alternatively, you can book me live for a face to face reading.

If you would like a more detailed reading, you can also connect with me via skype or phone or Facebook video chat and speak to me instead, however this will require an online booking to block out the time slot.

However, for quick answers to some of your burning questions, connect with me via InstantGo!

  • InstantGo is the most convenient option for you, and your privacy is guaranteed.

Recent Feedback I have received for my InstantGo readings:

“……thanks Liz! That was a great reading, thank you so much!”

“……you’re right on point!”

“…..you are exactly spot on with everything!”