Numerology number 4 meaning

Welcome to the first monthly numerology tarot reading for January 2019. In this post I look at what the number 4 in numerology means and how it relates to the Tarot meanings and archetypes, and what energetic influences this number may be offering us for the first month of this year. Why the number 4? Well, when you look at the first month of the year (1) and the year 2019 (breaks down to 3) you get 1+3=4. Therefore, the dominant numerical vibration for us all over the world if we are following the gregorian calendar is number 4. What does this mean for us?

Numerology number 4 meaning

This number is all about structure, stability, process, step by step planning, and being methodical, as well as foundations. It is a good month to get organised for the rest of your year and implement some good habits to ensure that the direction you wish to take in 2019 manifests in ways that have a supportive foundation underneath. You will be setting up the over all theme for your year this month and it will form the foundation and platform for the over all year. With that in mind, be precise about what it is you wish to do this year, or experience, and also take some time to think about what does not feel organised in your life right now. Perhaps you have some lingering bills or over due projects that need to be acted on, or perhaps you have meant to sort out some matters at home such as doing a de-clutter and reorganising your space. If so, this month would be a great month to do it as the vibrational frequency is favourable!

Tarot card number and meanings.

Let’s have a look at the 5 tarot cards that correlate to the number 4: the 4 of wands, 4 of pentacles, 4 of swords and the 4 of cups, as well as the major arcana card-The Emperor

The 4 of wands in tarot.

The 4 of Wands in Tarot

The 4 of wands depicts a scene which looks like a celebration. It relates to family, homecoming, marriage, celebrations and general domestic relates to matters of the heart and spirit. It can apply to situations where you may have taken some kind of journey and have arrived at a place that gives you a sense of comfort and stability-whether that be an inner or outer situation. You may have expanded your horizons recently and have made some progress in the direction you have wanted to take. The suit of wands relates to the element of fire, and fire relates our passions, and the inspiration to go from one state to another state and transform our lives. How can you organise your passions and inspirations for a positive step forward this month?

This card relates strongly to the home, and therefore it is a very favourable time to focus on ways you might improve your living situation or how you might live in more organised ways which will help the flow of your life over all. This is particularly true if you feel you are lacking some stability and foundation in your life. Finding ways to implement more structure and foundation will help you make some positive strides into the new year.

The 4 of pentacles in tarot.

The 4 of Pentacles in tarot

The 4 of pentacles in tarot relates to creating solid foundations around money and material posessions. Not only is the month of January a good time to focus on domestic issues in terms of your living siutation and its orderliness, it is also a great month to take stock of your finances. Budgeting and keeping track of what you spend and how you spend it will be time well spent. If you have not worked out ways to put your budget on autopilot such as downloading an app so you can look at your finances at a glance to always be aware of you are spending, make it a priority this month! Create a solid financial foundation this month.

It is also a good time to set some good lifestyle habits when it comes to your health. As you can see in the card, a man is sitting with his feet firmly planted on two coins which is symbolic of a secure foundation in the physical and practical realm. He does not appear to be very flexible when it comes to his approach to life, but this is what may be needed for you this month. In order to set up the positive habits you want to create, it may be a matter of deciding to say ‘no’ to some of those social activities which may lead to being distracted and derail you from what is most important to you for the coming year. Why do I say this? The next 2 cards are indicating some solitude may be beneficial.

The 4 of swords in tarot.

4 of swords in tarot

When you look at this card you can see it depicts a person who is at rest. They are giving themselves a break from any situation which may create inner and outer conflict for them. They appear to be in a sacred setting (as indicated by the stain glass window which symbolic of a church). This month calls for some recovery from the hustle and bustle of last year, and the busy Christmas period. Take some time for meditation, journal writing, reflection and anything that will help renew your spirit and release your mind to a more rested state.

The 4 of cups in tarot.

4 of Cups In Tarot

This card depicts a person who does not want to engage with the outer world. The suit of cups relates to the emotions, so if you are feeling introspective this month, allow yourself to go with the flow. With the entire theme of the month being around structure and foundation, you may feel as if you want some time to be alone so you can focus without distraction on what it is you want for yourself this year. You do not want to be ignited by the ebbs and flows of the emotions of others this month, and might prefer to literally sit by yourself in a natural surrounding preferably near the flow of water to process your own emotions and get clear about how you feel about the year just gone, and the year ahead.

The Emperor in tarot.

The Emperor tarot card

Emperor tarot card relates to the father archetype and all things relating to patriarchy, such as government organisations, politicians, religions and control of society. Given that the dominant number for 2019 over all is number 3 (the divine feminine, the Empress, mother earth), a world news story I found interesting in terms of the divine feminine trying to rise up to claim more power is a story of the nun who has been accused of ‘several cases of disobedience’. The article begins:

“The superior general of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation issued last week a letter of warning to Sister Lucy Kalapura, who has been accused of several acts of disobedience, including a protest of the handling of another nun’s accusation that a bishop serially raped her.” Read the article here.

There are a couple of things about this story: it reminds me how often women are silenced, and how the suppression of sexual assault continues at the highest levels of the patriarchy.

In other matters relating to the Emperor tarot card, an example of a current day event is the US government and the current partial government shutdown by President Trump. Trump is trying desperately to dominate the situation at all costs and is completely inflexible when it comes to any kind of discussion regarding his reasons for shutting the government down. He wants his wall (another symbol of structure), yet failing miserably to get his way. And let us of course not forget his Trade War with China, which is adding all sorts of instability within existing stable economic structures.

The Emperor card is linked to the astrological sign of Aries, and therefore linked to the God Of War, Ares, as well as the Goddess of War, Athena. The God Of War is symbolic of power structures basically going wrong, where is the Goddess of War is linked to strategic military operations which are effective, and executed with wisdom. Clearly, Trump is exhibiting the symptoms of a power structure going south. And where might this be going? Well, when we look at the next month of February which is dominated by the number 5-it could be leading to a great deal of conflict, rapid change and instability. Let’s hope we can see the more positive sides of the patriarchy come through before we get to next month.

How does the Emperor relate to us on a personal level?

In the positive, this card is all about claiming your position as a true leader and influencer and not letting others put you down. It focuses on having authority and standing firm in that authority even when others doubt you. If leadership is not your thing, perhaps you would benefit from finding someone you consider a leader and getting advice from them for your particular field of interest, problem or goal. Mastering a strong foundation for what it is you want to do, direction you would like to go or a skill you would like to develop is key this month, so make the most of it.

Liz Hennessy, Tarot ReaderLiz is an intuitive tarot reader with 20 years experience. If you would like a reading, please click here.

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16 thoughts on “Numerology number 4 meaning”

  1. Hey Liz. Very interesting stuff here. I’m feeling like the four of cups is for me. I could use a couple days chillin in by a river. Just me and nature.

    1. Thanks Ricky! Chilling by a river does sound very appealing doesn’t it?? Especially in my part of the world where we are in the height of summer. 🙂

  2. Hi Liz – thanks for sharing this informative article. It certainly makes sense for me that the number four signifies a time for planning, re-organising and de-cluttering, as this is something I always do in January. It’s interesting how the Emperor card ties in to the events that are currently happening in the world. I am looking forward to your next article, as I have always been drawn to the number five and see it as my lucky number. All the best, Diane  

    1. Thanks Diane! I too have always been drawn to the number 5 (my main number based on my birthday and name at birth is a number 5, so I know it well and resonate with its scattered conflicted directions lol!). January always seems like a logical month to get sorted, but I guess perhaps the ‘organising energy’ is needed more this yeah haha!

  3. HI I have bookmarked your site first and read your full article. I would not even know those details if I did not read your article. I was always curious about numerology tarot reading and wanted know Numerology number 4 meaning but did not find a perfect answer. But I believe I have got all related information here. However practically I need more knowledge about healing, meditation, hypnosis capability and spiritual ability. I am going to read your other articles to know more on it. Thanks for sharing helpful information. 

  4. julienne murekatete

    Thank you for sharing with us this great review on numerology number 4 meaning.I am happy that I found this website which is interested in astrology.I am not good at it,but I agree with the meaning of tarot reading because after getting my reading,I found it was totally correct.

    Many people do not believe in universe power but our lives are governed by what we see even the numbers are included.

    1. I agree Julienne! There does seem to be an underlying order to the universe in the language of numbers. As Tesla once said apparently-‘Everything is energy, vibration and frequency, which can all be broken down to numbers’.

  5. I do not know anything about tarot, but found your article interesting. Particularly the 4 of pentacles, as organizing my finances is definitely a priority for this year. My health is good at the moment, but always something I am looking at, so will be setting myself some new goals in this area too.

    1. Glad you came across my site David, even if you’re not that into Tarot. 🙂 Thanks for commenting. Glad you got something out of the article. Best of luck for 2019!

  6. The Four of Cups shows a young man sitting under a tree with his arms crossed, deep in contemplation and meditation. He is so engrossed in his thoughts that he does not seem to notice the outstretched arm offering him a cup. This is a very powerful article and I definitely recommend everyone to read this. It can definitely help you with the motivation to becoming a true leader and self sufficient.

    1. That is a very accurate interpretation of the 4 of Cups Solomon! The context of this card usually relates to apathy, possible depression and not seeing the good things that are being offered to you. But in the context of this reading, to me it feels more like contemplation and wanting or needing time alone. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Liz;

    Very insightful and accurate advice for clarification of current spiritual and physical

    Well Done
    Thank you

  8. The knights with the swords mean that I’m needing recovery from the hustle and bustle of last year? So that’s what it means! My uncle used to sometimes visit us and would read tarot cards and I always end up with that knight card but he always told me that I needed to work harder and sometimes he even change his own definitions like knights are supposed to help out everyone etc. Can’t wait to surprise him with what I know the next time i see him 😀

    1. Hi Riaz! In this particular reading and in relation to number four, yes the 4 of Swords relates to rest and respite. But if you were to get another number, it would be a different meaning. And if you were to get a knight by itself-for example the knight of swords-depending on the context of the other cards it could mean you either need to work harder OR it could also mean hasty actions without too much thought. The stories are all different depending on the layout of the cards, the questions being asked and whether they are upright or reversed. There are many variables, and also keep in mind that although there are standard meanings for each of the cards, every person on the planet will interpret them slightly differently. Thanks for stopping by!

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