The Oracle card of the day I am going to focus on today is Anna Stark’s Sacred Power Reading Cards where the card is ‘Retreat’.

Sacred Power Reading Cards

The stunning imagery on this card is a reminder not to lose our connection with nature. When you are working with these cards and you happen to draw ‘Retreat’ it can indicate you may have been spending too much time around technology and screen time in general and there is a need to reconnect to the natural world and recharge your energy field.

Here are some signs you may be out of sync with nature:

  • You feel drained and fatigued
  • You feel irritable
  • You have trouble sleeping and therefore your circadian rhythms have been disturbed
  • You have digestive troubles
  • You get frequent headaches
  • You generally feel stressed and overwhelmed
  • You don’t have the mental clarity you would like.

This card can also relate to needing to find more time to be in solitude so you can allow the whispering of your deep intuitions to come through. You may need to create space between you and a particular situation so you can get deeper clarity about what you should do about it. It is not a matter of thinking about it more-it is more to do with allowing the solution to come through by actively taking your mind off it and allowing yourself to rest. This is usually when our breakthroughs come through-when we are in a state of flow rather than a state of resistance and stress.

Suggestions to recharge and reconnect to nature

  • Take a mini vacation
  • Take a walk in the botanical gardens
  • Go to the beach and walk barefoot on the sand
  • Allow yourself to be in direct sunshine every day (weather permitting)
  • Get outside every day at least for 20 minutes regardless of the weather. We need to expose ourselves to the elements and what is known as the ‘Schumann resonance’ of the earth to be in balance.
  • take time to just breath and listen to music that takes your mind to another place
  • Have lunch in the park or on a patch of grass if possible rather than your desk at work.

Take structured water

Structured water can be described as ‘electrostatically charged particles which are suspended in a colloidal mineral solution’. These little bottles known as ‘infoceuticals‘ help to align your bodies resonance and natural change with the natural rhythms of the earth. There is a wide selection of remedies, but good infoceuticals to start with are ‘Big Field Aligner‘ and ‘Polarity‘. These infoceuticals have a feel good effect on you as they harmonise your energy field with the earths energy field.

Nes Health infoceuticals


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