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  • Pick a number between 1 and 2.
  • Scroll down to find the tarot spread which correlates to your chosen number.
  • Read your message for that spread.

If you picked #1: Here’s your message:

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Queen of Wands, Community, 10 Of Pentacles Reversed

The message I am getting from these 3 cards today is that it relates to people who have a strong desire to lead by example and they are quite passionate about the things that they do. It can relate to the fire signs out there so if you are a Sagittarius, Aries or Leo, this may apply to you more so.

But even if you are not-the qualities of the Queen of Wands relate to someone who is an influencer in some way, are likely using creative abilities to lead by example, or someone who has great courage and confidence to inspire others, and thrives in social situations. They are often someone who is an extrovert, yet also aware that they need time alone to process their darker side and all the self-doubt that can arise from the desire to inspire others with their talents. Once they have worked through each of the internal issues that come up, they are ready to re-emerge and continue with their leadership or creative acts which motivate and inspire others.

In the case of the 10 of pentacles reversed showing up, the message I am getting here is that there may be a situation or project that is coming to an end or you are wishing to find some completion in some area of your life, but there are some blocks in the way which may be preventing you from feeling that sense of completion and fulfillment.

The 10 of Pentacles relates to business success, financial success, family wealth, completion of projects, goals and abundance. However, this card is in its reversed position today, which can mean you are so close to a breakthrough regarding a direction you’ve been embarking on, yet can’t seem to find the missing piece that will take you over the line and reach completion and satisfaction.

Perhaps this is because deep down you are struggling with some self-doubt issues, or you feel the main thing that is standing in your way is a lack of financial help, or perhaps you feel you need more help than you are getting either from family members or the community you find yourself in. This community could be your work place, church group, neighborhood or any group of people you regularly find yourself surrounded by.

As you can see in the oracle card in the middle of these two cards is a group of people in an indigenous community coming together in ritual and celebration where they are dancing around a fire. So the main message here might just be that you are feeling that your struggles are relating to the physical realm in some way, but in fact, if you focus more attention on your spirituality-whatever form that takes, it will enable you to find that sense of completion you are looking for or discover the solutions you are after.

This could come in the form of a day dream, a nighttime dream, a stream of consciousness that you get in flow with while perhaps writing in a journal if you keep one, or a message from higher guides if that is something you feel connected to, or maybe through an interaction you happen to have with someone on a synchronistic level who offers you the advice or guidance you are after.

Questions to ask yourself around this message:

  • Where might I not be feeling as confident as I usually do about something I am working towards?
  • What are the main reasons I may feel this?
  • Where might I feel I am not getting the help I need to bring about a certain result I am seeking?
  • Who do I know that has the leadership qualities I am seeking and has mastered a certain area that I also want to master? How can I learn from them?
  • Where do I feel connected to others on a soul level? 
  • Where can I find like-minded people who inspire me and I can join with to express my talents?
  • Where might I be afraid to express my uniqueness and bring about my talents which serves others in positive ways?

If you picked #2: Here’s you message:

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5 of Cups, Self Love, 9 of Pentacles

The message I am getting for those of you who chose number 2 is that there is something you are feeling disappointed about, or a sense that you are struggling with a sense of loss, yet also refusing to see the good in the situation and what you still have that is valuable and meaningful.

You might be in a state of depression which has started to escalate from something that started off in a minor way, to something that is feeling more heavy where you are having difficulty moving on. The main message I am getting around this is that the root of it relates to your ability to feel a certain self-love or self appreciation.

So what does self-love actually look like? Well, in relation to the cards that have come up in this message, the 9 of pentacles can be symbolic of your ability to feel a sense of peace within your physical surroundings. You may feel like you need more nurturing than what you are getting, and could be perhaps expecting someone else to fulfill you when what you actually need is to spend some time nurturing yourself.

This could be in the form of taking more time to sleep, meditate, spend time in nature, engage in positive self talk, begin a gratitude practice such as a daily journal. Or, perhaps you need to disconnect yourself from things that are artificial such as spending too much time in front of a screen such as a computer, tablet, TV or smart phone or reaching for stimulants such as drugs, caffeine or whatever your vice is to pick yourself up.

If you take some time to shift your energy such as making your home more pleasing to your senses where you do a big spring-clean, or embark on a new exercise regime, stick to drinking that green juice or smoothie you once felt was important to do regularly (but never managed to follow through on), these can all be examples of how you might practice more self-love.

Questions you can ask yourself around message are:

  • Where might I be focusing too much on what I am feeling sad or disappointed about?
  • Where might it not be as bad as I actually think it is?
  • What things are still around me that are positive which I am not spending enough time looking at?
  • What can I change about my physical environment that would uplift my spirit and shift my energy?
  • What activities do I associate with self-love?
  • How can I nurture myself more?
  • What tools can I turn to heal and integrate the aspects of myself that feel sad?

If one or both of these messages resonated with you, feel free to comment below and let me know!

14 thoughts on “Pick a number | Weekly Tarot Reading”

  1. Sujandar Mahesan

    I don’t really believe in these things but your post was more than that. Reading your post gave me a lot of motivation and self confidence for the day. I was having a pretty long day and this is exactly what I needed. I really appreciate you for posting such an insightful and a useful post.

    1. Hi Sujandar. That is what is interesting about tarot-even when people don’t believe in any of it, they still find something useful in its message. That is because tarot just highlights the common themes throughout the world. Glad you found it useful and I appreciate your comment. 🙂

  2. Wow, I am so amazed by the readings, they seem to be so accurate and relatable. It also helps me in realizing some truths and those questions were mind filling. This really helped me because I have been going through a lot. Thanks Liz, I’m glad I came across this post.

  3. Though i had no initial knowledge on Tarot reading, but after reading your article it helped me gain knowledge into it. I love the way your article is well presented and its very easy to understand.. I have jotted down the bullets you listed on Questions we can ask ourselves around message such as: How can I nurture myself more? etc. Thanks so much for this informative post. Cheers

  4. Hi there, thanks so much for article, the two ways u have talked about in details has really dropped something tangible in my life but I must say the number 2 has really motivated me most. Depression is something I do battle with internally virtually every day and I always thought it may not stop but I have just discovered an answer to it, u have done a great work here

    1. Yorthmith96, thank you. I am really glad it gave you a fresh way to look at life. Depression is a hard thing to deal with, but there is light at the end of the tunnel if you look for it. 🙂

  5. I chose 2 and even though I am not disappointed, I am quite sad about a few things in my life. I would take your advice and look within to find what it is that can lift up my spirit. It really is possible that things aren’t really as bad as I think it. There must be something positive to be happy and appreciate life for. Sometimes, we just feel it’s worst for us but it isn’t always so. Please keep up your weekly Pick a number tarot reading. You never know whose life you have changed positively. 

    1. HI Vapz, I hope the reading helped you gain a new perspective. Sorry to hear you are feeling sad about a few things-know that this too, shall pass. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  6. Thank you for the reading of tarot cards. I went with number 1 and this reading truly does correspond to what I am feeling. I was wondering how you learned to interpret Tarot cards. Is this something that anyone can do or do you have to have a natural talent for it? Thank you for the reading.

    1. Hey Geoffrey, glad it resonated with you. Anyone can learn to read tarot cards-it is just a matter of pondering the meanings of each card (looking at symbolism, archetypes, numerology, world religions etc) which you can find in numerous books and numerous websites. Once you learn the meanings you can read for others. The best way to begin to learn is to draw one card a day, look up its meaning then write in a journal as to how this card might relate to your life in that moment. That way you are not just passively reading about the cards, you are experiencing them. Like any industry though, there are good and bad tarot practitioners, so at some stage, talent does come into it if you are reading for others. But anyone can gain value out of reading their own cards. 🙂

  7. Hello Liz,

    Thank you for sharing this great informational article.This is a wonderful article, I have read the whole thing, even though I chose number 1. Both of these messages were relevant to me. I will definitely be back to your website for some more of your helpful information on a lot of topics. I will share this article with my friends.

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