The Queen of Swords in TarotWhen you come across the Queen of Swords in Tarot you know you are dealing with an honest and to the point  type of woman. This Queen is witty, experienced, forthright and astute. She sizes up a person quickly and is swift to judge anything that is not genuine. She acts from her head, not her heart so she is unlikely to get overly caught up in peoples dramas and acts in a way that can be seen as a mediator where she helps to defuse tension between others.

The Suit of Swords-what do they represent?

Swords represent the air element in nature and are associated with all things in the mental realm. They are about making clear headed decisions, possible conflict, at times mental confusion and acting with swiftness. When there is a Queen involved from any of the suits, you know you will be dealing with a woman who will play a prominent role in your life, or it could indicate you need to take on her characteristics at the current time in order to move forward. The surrounding cards will confirm.

Other symbolism in the Queen of Swords.

Butterflies in TarotIn the Rider Waite Tarot deck we see that the Queen of swords has butterflies on her crown, as well as on the decoration on the throne she is sitting on. In tarot, butterflies symbolize transformation of thought, and given that Swords are also within the air element, the butterfly is a fitting match for the swords. The Queen has come through a lot in her life and gained knowledge and wisdom and therefore has much to teach others-whether that be good or bad. When this card shows up reversed it could indicate you are dealing with a bitter jaded woman from all her life experiences.

Other references to the air element is the flying bird and the clouds surrounding the Queen.  We can also see a Cherub on the decoration of her throne, and angels are traditionally associated with messengers and communication which also relate to the air element. This queen may have a message for you at this time either via a person you know, or it encourages you to act as if you had the personality traits of this queen.Cherubs in Tarot

Direction the Queen is facing.

We also need to take note of the direction she is facing, and her hand gesture as well as the direction of her sword. You can see there is not a lot of flexibility in her position and she is very decisive.  She is facing away from us as she focuses on her task at hand in a single minded manner.

Well known women who have the traits of the personality of the Queen of Swords.

Margaret Thatcher quickly comes to mind as I think back in history of famous women who embody this personality. Margaret was otherwise known as the ‘Iron Lady’ as she was known for being uncompromising in her approach to leadership.

Angelina  Jolie in the movie ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ demonstrated her unemotional ways as a secret assassin,  and Merryl Streep in ‘The Devil wears Prada’, showed us the more negative side of the Queen of Wands where she displayed little care for her employees and was quite a bitter personality.

When do you need to use the energy of the Queen of Wands?

If there are situations in your life where you are feeling completely confused and overwhelmed in life, it may be time to think more with your head than with your heart. It is better to make a clear cut decision  (even if it turns out to be wrong later on) than to wallow around and not make any decision. Use the movement of this airy mental suit to begin to get more clarity by taking action-any action- to help you reach a state of clarity. Be uncompromising and single minded until you have achieved what ever it is you want to achieve in a certain area.

What do you notice about the Queen of Swords? Can you think of anyone in your life who reminds you of this personality? Feel free to comment below and let me know!