I did a three card spread to gain some insight into what energies may be present during this solar eclipse which falls on the 21st of August 2017 in the Northern hemisphere (which will be the 22nd of August in the Southern hemisphere). Many people are in fear as to what it could mean for us. Many think great upheavals and calamities willl occur. I am not so sure about this-in fact I don’t think anything will happen to be honest, but one thing is for sure, it is a rare event and I do feel that the events that happen in our solar system and our universe affect our minds and emotions, because we are intimtaely connected to nature. But, I will agree with the possibility the guy in the video below is warning about: there may be some traffic jams as people come from all over to witness this rare eclipse:

I like to read Tarot cards like they are a form of energy and so I approached the cards enquiring  as to what opportunities and challenges might this eclipse offer us in both our personal lives and collective lives on planet earth. Here are the questions I asked and what showed up:

Card one: What are our greatest fears to let go of?

3 of Swords

Three of swords in TarotThe Three of Swords is one of the most painful cards in the Tarot deck. It represents heartbreak, betrayal and mental confusion where we are pulled in more than one direction and feel inner conflict as to which way we should go. Humanity is at a point of one of our greatest mental confusions right now and the fear is that if we live from our hearts we are going to get hurt or betrayed in some way.

It can also represent feeling as if we are never going to get through this ‘rainy’ season of our life where life seems dull or full of sorrows and where we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. You only have to watch five minutes of the news to feel feel as if the world has not much good in it. However, it is important to remember that these feelings are not actually our true reality-it is coming from our own mental constructs and distracts us from our true inner light. When we are present in our mind and body to the joys and blessings around us, we are able to release this inner fear and struggle and flow with life with more ease.

Be honest about what hurts

This card can also represent a fear of facing our inner hurts and being honest about how we really feel. We might be afraid to get in touch with our feelings because if we do, we may come to the realisation that we need to make some changes that feel uncomfortable in the short term. However, what ever pain we may be feeling about anything is just a reminder that we are somehow not listening to our most true authentic self. Listening to our true authentic self can be scary sometimes because sometimes the guidance we get from our inner self is promtping us to take a different direction than the path we are currently on.

Life scenarios the 3 of swords represent:

Unfulfilling relationships; heartbreak from a failed relationship; feeling as if you have to protect your heart from something or someone and as a result you may be living in a certain kind of misery; confuson over which direction to go in a certain situation or love triangles that feel miserable.

Actionable steps:

Do some meditation. Do things that will help you let go of your mind. Exercise and move your body. Practice energy medicine. Do deep breathing, EFT,  and focus on what is wanted rather than what is not wanted. Forgiveness, moving on from things that feel broken in your life or finding ways to deal with the things that are causing you the greatest amount of stress.

Card two: What strengths can we draw on?

The Empress

The Empress in TarotThe Empress tells us that reconnecting with our earthy feminine side will give us the most amount of strength and confidence to face the future. Spending time in nature or spending time doing creative things which can tap into the right side of our brains will allow us to access our intution and gut feelings rather than being stuck in our head. The more we try and ‘figure things out’ from a logical left side of the brain, the more pain we are going to feel pain and sorrow from the energy of the 3 of Swords.

The Empress sits amongst nature and appears to be pregnant. She represents fertility of not just the physical body, but also fertility of our mind. Our mind and bodies are ripe for nourishing activities that feed our soul. This is where we will find our power and resilience moving forward in this great time of change in history.

Actionable steps: Spend time in nature. Practice Qigong. Switch off your laptop, phone, TV and all forms of media (including social media)  and get away for a time to be still and appreciate natural surroundings. Act on inspirations you have to do something-this is your higher self prompting you. The way you will know your higher self is talking to you is by how you feel. If you think of a new idea and you feel a certain kind of elation or inspiration or joy, you will know that this is right for you. If however you feel fear or the thing you are thinking of feels heavy or like it will be a lot of work that you won’t enjoy, you will know this is not your higher self talking.

Check out this page for some further ideas on feeling grounded and centred within.

Card three: What are the opportunities as a result of drawing on this strength?

Knight Of Wands Reversed.

knight of wands in tarotThe Knight of Wands reversed can relate to taking unwise risks or acting in haste and having scattered energy. Therefore, if we draw on the opportunity the Empress presents us from the previous card where we take time to be present in our body and tapping into the right side of our brain, the scattered energy of the Knight of Wands reversed will disspipate. There has never been a greater time in history that we are so fragmented and pulled in so many directions. Gone are the days where you would casually call up a friend to just have a chat-we send a text to them or a message on Facebook instead because we feel it is less time consuming. We are addicted to technology and probably the most discconected from each other and our inner self than we ever have been due to the fast pace of modern life and the pace of change.

Do not fear change

The change is not a bad thing, but we have to find ways to build our resilience as the change whirls around us. The opportunity this solar eclipse offers us right now is one where humanity can make a shift into a greater level of consciousness. The big question we need to ask ourselves is ‘are we up to speed with it?’ How do we consciously slow ourselves down in order to keep up with the pace? Because if we don’t take the time to embrace the energy and wisdom of the Empress, we are left feeling like the Knight of Wands reversed-scattered, hasty, impatient to ‘make things happen’ and generally lacking the capability to be present to those around us and to our own hearts desires. We will be continually feel pulled in different directions and unable to deeply commit to anything we truly care about. We will remain in confusion and chaos and in the suffering of the 3 of Swords.

The solar eclipse is an opportunity to pause and reflect on where we have been, where we want to go and whether we are in the best headspace as well as heartspace to get us there.

What do you feel is relevant to you from this reading and card interpretation? Is there a practice you like to do each day to keep yourself grounded and in the intuitive right side of your brain? Feel free to comment below and let me know!