Qigong for sleep

Qigong For Sleep | 6 Healing Sounds

Using qigong for sleep can be very effective to calm your nervous system. This short guided meditation of the 6 healing sounds can be used once you are in bed at night to help you fall asleep quickly. Scroll down to listen to the audio recording on Youtube.

The 6 healing sounds can be spoken aloud or internally in your mind.

The sounds are:
Lungs: Sssssss (colour white)
Kidney: Choooo (colour blue)
Liver: Shhhhhh (colour green)
Heart: Haaaaaa (colour red)
Spleen: Whorrrr (colour yellow
Triple Warmer: Heeeee (colour purple)

For a more comprehensive qigong 6 healing sounds practice, click here.

Video transcript:

There are a number of ways to practice the qigong 6 healing sounds, just as there are numerous forms of qigong. This video will detail a simple way you can use these time tested sounds in the comfort of your own bed to help you get to sleep at night. I will move through the sounds and visualisations quickly so you can get an overview of what each of the sounds are as well as the associated colours, visualisations and organ systems. Once you have used this recording a few times, and can remember the sounds and the colours, you can do this practice at your own pace without using the recording.

Make yourself comfortable in bed and turn the light out. Lie on your back with your palms facing outwards at the sides of your body. Let your feet relax and consciously scan your body for any tension and allow yourself to sink into your mattress. Become aware of your breath.

In this practice you will be using the sounds internally or sub vocally. We begin with the sound of the lungs, which is the sound of Sssssss. This is the sound you will imagine you are making as you exhale if you are choosing the silent option. If you are new to this practice, you can produce the sound as I demonstrate here to help you commit these sounds to memory.

Let’s begin. Take a big breath, and exhale : sssssssss. If you are making the sound internally, be sure that you are not holding your breath as hear this sound in your mind. Exhale at the same time as sensing the sound within your mind.

When you have exhaled all your air while making this sound, return your breathing to normal, and picture in your mind a bright white light in your lungs. Imagine golden light entering the crown of you head and descending into your lungs as it turns to bright white light.

For the purposes of this instruction, I will move onto the next sound, but once you have committed these sounds to memory and can practice at your own pace, perform each of the 6 sounds and the subsequent visualisation of light, around 3 times.

The next healing sound is the sound of the kidneys which is Chooooo. Take a big breath, and exhale Chooooo. (demonstrate) After exhaling fully, imagine bright blue light in the kidney area.

The next sound is the sound of the liver, which is Shhhhhhhhh. Take a big breath, and exhale Shhhhhhhh (demonstrate) After exhaling fully, imagine bright green light in the liver area.

The next sound is the sound of the heart, which is Haaaaa. Take a big breath, and exhale haaaaaaaaaa. After exhaling fully, imagine bright red light in the area of the heart.

The next sound is the sound of the spleen and stomach, which is whorrrr. Take a big breath, and exhale Whorrrrrr. (demonstrate) After exhaling fully, imagine bright yellow light in the area of the spleen and stomach. (10 seconds)

The next sound is the sound of the triple warmer, which is Heeee. Take a big breath, and exhale Heeeeeee. After exhaling fully, imagine a calming purple light connecting the head, heart and lower abdomen.

This is just a short demonstration of one way you can use these sounds at bedtime. Commit these sounds to memory so you can practice them on your own taking as much or as little time as you like. You can focus on each sound as many times as you like, but as a rough guide, 3 times for each sound and visualisation would be fine.

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inner peace

How To Find Inner Peace | 3 Unique Tips

Over 30 years ago we were told that computers and modern technology were going to make our lives easier and we would be working less and we will have more time. As it turns out, today in 2018 technology is the reason why we are actually working harder than ever and have less time. This is because now that we have more ‘productivity power’ we are expected to produce more with what we have. It’s kind of like before washing machines were invented-people used to wash their clothes much less-but when washing machines came along we began to wash our clothes a lot more. This pressure to produce more and be more is having a very detrimental effect on peoples health and well-being and as a species we are generally feeling less peaceful and less connected to each other (and ourselves) than ever before.

This article will give 3 unique tips on how you can find inner peace and well being in a chaotic world so you can feel at your best.

Tip# 1: Be Altruistic

A thought leader I have been following lately is Lynne McTaggart who has written best selling books such as The Field and The Intention Experiment. She interests me because she takes seemingly esoteric concepts such as distance healing and positive visualisation and puts them to the test in a modern scientific framework. In her intention experiments she has scientifically demonstrated that when you intend or visualise positively for another person whether that be better health, better finances or an improvement in any kind of situation, not only does this effect the person receiving this intention in positive ways including favourable biological changes, it also has an extremely beneficial effect on the person sending the intention and visualisation. All the science around this is carefully documented in her book The Intention Experiments, so if you are interested in this, check the book out here.

How do you do this altruistic act?

Sit in meditation, relax your mind and body and visualise a positive outcome or positive behaviour in another person who may be struggling with something, and deeply want peace for them more than you want it for yourself. The result is you yourself end up experiencing deep peace, so long as you sincerely want more happiness for the other person. The way I do this is to visualise light around the person I am sending intentions to, and see them happy and well and overcoming their challenges.

Why does this work?

Well, there are many theories as to why this is effective, and I highly recommend you read Lynne’s book to understand the science of it. In a nutshell, we are all connected on an energetic grid-kind of like the movie The Matrix. An example of this is when you are thinking about someone you have not thought about for a while and then you hear from them, perhaps via a text message, email or phone call. We have a sixth sense which is very underutilised in modern life, but it is still present within us.

Tip#2: Practice Qigong 6 Healing Sounds

Qigong is an ancient energy practice which predates Tai Chi. There are numerous medical studies around the effectiveness of Qigong, and one deeply healing practice which truly induces peace and calm is the Qigong 6 healing sounds. You can do this in anywhere between 5-30 minutes and you will dramatically feel a shift in your body and mind afterwards. I have found when I practice this at night before bed, I sleep better, and the positive effect seems to last into the next day if I have done an extended practice the night before.

How to do the Qigong 6 healing sounds.

Vocalise by singing the words/sounds below in one tone for as long as your breath lasts, and then visualise light after each sound in the following order:

  1. Zzzzzzzz-visualise white light in the lungs.
  2. Chereee-visualise blue light in the kidneys
  3. Shoooo-visualise green light in the liver.
  4. Haaaaa-visualise red light in the lungs
  5. Horrrrrr-visualise yellow light in the stomach and spleen
  6. Heeee-visualise purple light in the 3 major energy centres of your body knowns as ‘the triple warmer’ which are your head, heart and lower abdomen.

Why does this work?

Our bodies at their core are made up of energy, which is made up of frequencies which carry information. When our mind is in a state of turmoil, these frequencies are scrambled resulting in chaotic thinking. When we practice these 6 healing sounds which have stood the test of time over thousands of years, we help to shift the energy in our body, harmonise chaotic frequencies and break up stagnation and this has a direct impact on our mind and emotions. Try a quick version of this with the video below:

Tip# 3: Take remedies which balance your bodies energy field and informational flow.

Homeopathy and flower essences have had a massive upgrade and improvement in the last 30 years with the addition of what is known as ‘infoceuticals’. These little bottles of electrostatically charged particles suspended in a colloidal mineral solution have captured the essence of the vibrational frequencies our body and mind functions best at. They help the information flow within and around your body which has proven to lead to more well being and inner peace because it has a direct effect on how well the organs and brain are functioning within the body.

Nes Health infoceuticals

These remedies are made by NES Health which is a company that has over 30 years of scientific research behind it in the field of energy medicine and thousands of case studies and testimonials with ongoing research to date. The company focuses primarily on the health of the Human Body Field and has demonstrated that it is our bodies energy field that is the driving force of our biology. As Einstein said 100 years ago: ‘The field is the sole governing agency of the particle’.

You can learn more about infoceuticals and body field scanning at this website, and if you would like to set up a free NES account in order to give some of these remedies a try, please enter your contact details below and I will set up an account for you as soon as possible. In this free account you will have access to health and wellness documentaries from some of the top practitioners and leaders in the field of energy medicine and holistic health in general. You will also have access to hours of fascinating talks by people who are on the cutting edge of all the scientific research around energy medicine.

So, what’s your favourite way to find more inner peace? Have you tried any of the above recommendations? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

In a addition to 20 years experience reading the tarot, Liz is a certified NES Health practitioner and mind body wellness coach. She is also a qualified fitness professional and yoga instructor.

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10 Of Wands In Tarot

10 of wands in TarotThe 10 of Wands in Tarot at first glance looks as if a lot of energy needs to be exerted in order to get something done. There is a sense of struggle and the figure in the cards is pushing hard to move forward, yet might be coming up against  barriers and obstacles to complete his mission or creative endeavor. He does eventually get the job done but he has exerted a lot of energy in the process and could be nearing burn out.

The 10 of Wands in Tarot readings shows up when you are determined to achieve a goal of some sort, yet you might be going about it in ways that are causing a lot of resistance in order to achieve it. You may feel like nothing is coming easily and you have to work for every last penny or spend many more hours on something than you really want to be spending.

‘More’ doesn’t always mean better results.

You may think that the more effort you put in, the more gain you are going to receive, however this is not always the case. Sometimes stepping back and allowing for some ease in your life can actually be a more productive way of coming to solutions or gaining more energy in order to be able to continue on in more productive ways.

Other interpretations.

In other interpretations it can also mean you need one last final push to bring a project to completion and you just need to see it through before you can put your feet up and relax. However, it can serve as a warning that once the project IS complete that you really MUST put you feet up and relax to recharge your mind and body. Often when we have been in a long period of work and we finally get to relax and unwind, this is when we might come down with a cold or flu or some other physical malady because it is our bodies way of saying ‘finally I can let go of some pent up stress!’

Questions to ask yourself when the energy of this card is present in your life:

  • How can I make better use of my time and energy to achieve the same outcome I am getting right now?
  • Where am I pushing too hard to make something happen yet feeling like I am not gaining much momentum?
  • Am I simply just exhausted and need some time out?
  • What would be one thing I can do today to help lift the burden off of my shoulders?
  • Do I need to ask others for more help during this period of time so I can bring more balance back into my life and therefore be more effective in the longer term?

Recommended Mind Body Tool To Ease The Energy Of This Card: Qigong

Qigong is an ancient practice that precedes Tai Chi and in my opinion is also easier to practice. A lot of eastern health practices can seem strange and mysterious to those in the west and therefore you may not have given yourself the opportunity to experience the benefits of these powerful practices.

One of my favourite Qigong teachers is Lee Holden. Lee has studied with many Qigong masters to become a master Qigong teacher himself. He now teachers people all over the world and bridges his knowledge of western physical fitness with powerful eastern practices.




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Dark Night Of The Soul Signs

Dark night of the soul signsDark night of the soul signs come in the form of emotions such as despair, anxiety and depression. Other signs that suggest this state of being are a sense of confusion and loneliness about your path in life, and a feeling as if life has no meaning or joy.

Everybody goes through this experience on occasions and it is actually completely natural. The laws of the universe suggest ‘what goes up must come down’, and that we have to know darkness in order to know light. The trick however, is to be gentle on yourself when going through this and taking actions that will help you go into a mode of acceptance rather than resistance as you are moving through this period of time.

Positive actions you can take.

If this is a state you have fallen into only recently, the following suggestions will aid you to gracefully move through this period.

  1. Get plenty of rest.
  2. Exercise daily.
  3. Meditate daily
  4. Eat healthy food.

These four suggestions are a generic prescription for everybody regardless of what emotional state you are in, but they are particularly crucial when you are going through a rough period in your life. You need to be in the best mental and physical state possible in order to move through this time more quickly and also so you can make better decisions than you otherwise would.

Additional actions you can take.

This moment may be an ideal time to get some life clarification and go and get a personalized Tarot reading to help you look at your situation differently. Sometimes hearing a different perspective can be just what we need to help shift our energy. You can go and get a live or private and confidential free Tarot reading here. This may be the first step to getting more clarity regarding a situation that is causing you to feel distress, and give you some practical tools to help you move forward.

When your ‘dark night of the soul’ has been going on for too long.

There are times when a Tarot reading may not be appropriate as a course of action. If you have been feeling a sense of despair for longer than a month, it may be time to visit your doctor or a psychologist and get some medical help. Tarot readings are most effective when you are basically in a healthy mental state but are wanting some new light shed on specific situations and goals you may have. Persistent sadness and depression can turn into something that is biological in nature and may need medication or cognitive therapy to help you get back on track.

Complementary therapies.


In conjunction with some professional medical help, you may also like to consider some energy healing to make your medical treatments more effective. Whenever I have been in a complete muddled state, one thing that always helps me feel better and get momentum moving again is my favourite practice of Qigong. 

A complete routine does not take any more than 20 minutes per day, but you can do exercises that are as short as a few minutes and feel the difference. It is also very useful for people who sit at a desk for long periods of time. The practice can help them to get more energy and improve circulation and feel rejuvenated after hours of staring at a computer screen. Qigong will also help with mental clarity and focus.

Try a routine now!

What are your experiences when it comes to experiencing a ‘dark night of the soul’? What were the signs you were in one? And how did you get through it? Feel free to comment below.

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