Many people are interested in Tarot cards and the possibilities that the cards might hold for their life. They may own a deck of cards and sit down and pose a question to get insight or to find a sense of relief or clarity about a situation. There might be something in their life that they are trying to achieve or something that they want and they hope the cards will tell them that the ‘thing’ will happen. But more often than not-that is all they will do-read their Tarot spread and walk away without a plan of action. This becomes a form of entertainment in a way, without any real practical plans for making a desired change.

Your fate is in your hands.

I am not convinced that there is anything mystical about Tarot cards. I am more inclined to believe there is something mystical about our brains and how they work rather than any innate power in the cards. In terms of finding ‘magic’ in the cards-it is our own ability for creativity that brings purpose and meaning from the pictures on the cards. What is truly amazing in life is us- the human being and what we are capable of. The question is though, will we use our own power or give it away? And exactly how do we tap into our innate power and manifest what we want in life, and what do Tarot and manifestation have to do with each other?

Bringing it from your mind and into your body.

One way to use Tarot in a practical way is to be very specific about the questions you ask to it. Tarot cards are just stories on a card, and they tap into common psychological themes in humanity which is what makes them so relatable to many people.  There is also opportunity in each card to bring it into a positive light.

Consider the ‘Death’ card for instance. Many casual observers of Tarot would instantly think the Death card is negative and to be feared. But, that is misguided. Death is an opportunity for renewal and deep inner change. In the context of Tarot it is foolish to interpret the card as an actual physical death of someone and feel fear over it like many Hollywood movies would have you believe about the Tarot.

One way to bring the Tarot out of your mind and into your body in order to motivate you to take the actions needed to bring about something desired in your life is to take your Tarot card readings more seriously! What do I mean by that?

Well, given the creative opportunity of Tarot, look at the Tarot cards you have just laid down in front of you about a certain desired outcome you want, and put pen to paper. Begin writing down the story you see in front of you while relating it back to the question you posed. Using Tarot cards for manifestation works best when you have a goal in mind and are curious about the energy around the desired goal and what obstacles might stand in your way.

Writing the story.

Lets say you have a goal to get a business off the ground. You want to leave your job and start working for yourself, and lets say your business idea is to work from home online selling some arts and crafts you have made, which you love doing. You ask the cards ‘how can I make this possible?’

Next, you choose a spread to work with where certain positions of the cards will mean certain things. For example, card positions may be like the following:

Position 1: Blessings around the idea

Position 2:Challenges around the idea

Position 3:Advice for best outcome

After you shuffle the cards and lay them out, lets say the following cards turned up:

Position 1-Temperance

Position 2-7 of Cups

Position 3-8 of Pentacles.

Think about your own interpretations as well as traditional keywords.

As you look at your spread of 3 cards, think about the traditional keyword meanings and interpretations of each card. Also, keep in mind your initial intuitive hits as you look at the pictures on the cards and what they personally mean to you.

Temperance relates to balance, moderation, patience, finding the middle ground and being the calm in the eye of a storm. The 7 of Cups relates to the emotions and feeling overwhelmed with too many choices in life, as well as temptation and a and not being grounded in your ideas. The 8 of Pentacles relates to the steady progress of practicing your craft and learning new skills and working in diligent ways towards your goals.  As you begin to write, speak in a way you would as if you were doing a Tarot reading for someone else, rather than yourself. This helps you to see past any internal disbelief that you are not capable of achieving what you want.

So, for example, you could write:

‘This business idea brings great opportunities for you to experience balance in your life. You will be able to bring together all your creative skills and experience a tangible feeling of well being within. When things begin to get hectic in relation to all the time commitments you have in relation to getting this business off the ground, your sense of inner steadiness will pull you through and others around you will sense your grounded approach and respond in positive ways. Your ability to be calm in situations is a blessing to you, because others will be drawn to join forces with you and help you in your business.

There may be times when you feel overwhelmed with an abundance of what feels like too many choices (the 7 of cups), and you may have feelings of being scattered and unproductive. These are the times you need to call back your inner steadiness and find the options that give you the most balanced outcome. The 7 of Cups reminds you to ground your ideas in reality and focus on one thing at a time. You have the ability to do this because you have Temperance on your side-you find the place of equilibrium in order to achieve your desired outcome.

The 8 of Pentacles reminds you to spend your time and energy committing to excellence in learning what you need to know each day to make this business venture a success. It is a time of keeping your head down and chipping away with care towards achieving what it is you are after. You have the power to do this, as well as the skills and any knowledge you need to acquire you approach with grace and focus. The way to succeed with this idea is through diligence and focus. When approached in a balanced way combined with keeping you mind grounded, you will achieve the outcome you desire.’

Spend some time on your script. This is just an example of one interpretation of these three cards. The most important thing is that you speak in positive ways-as if you were motivating someone else and encouraging someone else. The language you use is important.

Once you have finished your script, record it into audio format.

Grab your smart phone, or laptop with any kind of audio recording application on it, and begin recording your script. Speak in an energetic way, as if you were giving a motivational speech to a good friend who came to you for advice on exactly what you are trying to do. Once you have recorded it, add a layer of music underneath it using applications such as Garage Band (available on Macs).

Choose music that has an emotional impact on you and matches with the feeling of the goal you want to achieve. I personally like choosing music that feels like it could be out of a movie as this adds a real layer of atmosphere to my script, and does not take away from the words in my script because I choose instrumental music as opposed to music that has someone singing in it.

The final task.

All that is left for you to do now is listen to it! And listen to it daily to get you in the best frame of mind for achieving the goal you want. Draw on your own inspirational story from the lessons and archetypes of the Tarot. Achieving anything in life starts in the mind and then it works its way into the body as we take the physical actions needed to achieve our goals. By listening to your Tarot script each day, you are opening up your right brain to tap into more resourcefulness to go and manifest what it is you most want.