Tarot and the Chariot Card

Tarot And The Chariot Card-4 Ways This Archetype Can Help You.

The Chariot card conjurers images of being on a courageous journey or returning from a battle. It’s basic  traditional meaning refers to victory after a strong commitment to a cause, moving forward with boldness and maybe even aggression. It indicates success against the odds while using your willpower and determination to win at specific goals you have in your life. There are a number of ways you can use the tarot and the Chariot card can be meditated upon daily to help you build fortitude and commitment to something that is important to you. Here are 4 scenarios this card can be useful to help you move forward.

When you hate your job, but unable to move on in the short term.


It is all very well to for people to say ‘Do what you love and the money will follow’. Of course there is some truth in this, but it is a little fluffy around the edges. Sometimes we find ourselves in jobs that we don’t like because of personal circumstances, or maybe it was a job you once liked but don’t like anymore. You may have lofty dreams to be else where, but not feeling confident that you can get to where you want to be. You may want to just quit your job immediately but you don’t have a plan to help you transition elsewhere, therefore it would be unwise to just leave.

In order to use the wisdom of the Chariot card, it is important to have an idea where you would rather be because then you can see a personal journey laid out in front of you. This journey may be studying for a new qualification while continuing to work at your current job so you don’t put yourself under too much stress financially while you make your transition. This takes courage!

When you turn up each day to your job, imagine yourself as the figure you see in the Chariot card-he is strong, disciplined and uses his willpower to achieve what it is that he desires. When that feeling of depression washes over you as you make your way to the job you dislike, think like the Chariot. He has battles to get through-most of them are inner battles to overcome. Self assertion and determination are with him each day. Allow yourself to really take on the energy of this card and act as if you are there. A change in thinking literally changes your biology and you will find yourself getting through your days while you work on your bigger dreams with just a little more ease both physically and mentally.

Rather than thinking ‘Oh I hate this job. I am so bored. These people really annoy me’. Think ‘This job is only temporary. It is helping me get to where I really want to be by providing a financial base that I need to help pay for the new qualifications I need to get a better job or start that business I have been dreaming of”. Outwardly, your situation in the short term has not changed, but your mental attitude has changed. This card indicates you will be victorious if you are willing to be diligent and overcome obstacles and stay positive.

When you feel you are being overlooked at work for certain opportunities.

Sometimes it takes real boldness to stand out at work and you have to be willing to confidently put your armour on and go after what it is you want. You have to show self control and a willingness to perhaps go against the grain in your workplace to find success. The Chariot card is related to The Magician in the Tarot through its symbolism of the wand that the figure holds, which suggests creativeness to mold your personal circumstance into a favourable outcome.

It is also interesting to note the symbol of the wings, which is also a symbol that is used on the badge by the Royal Australian Air Force which has an inscription ‘Per Adua Ad Astra’, which means ‘Through Struggle To The Stars’, or ‘Through Adversity To The Stars’.  Stars are another symbol on this card over and behind the figure, so this sums up the meaning of this card quite well. Although you may find it a struggle to get ahead in work, it is necessary for your personal growth to overcome the struggles, and in doing so you will have success and victory both inwardly and outwardly.

When you are starting a business.

New Business

It is never an easy thing to start a business. If it were easy, everyone would probably be doing it. This is where using the energy of the Chariot can really help. There are going to be many new things you have to face when starting your business and you will need to grow not only new skills, but grow personally as an individual. You will need to overcome many obstacles and have great self control and discipline.

See your self as the figure in the Chariot-self assured, confident, self controlled, on a a journey and being bold. Strength and fortitude need to be your best friend.  The easiest way to draw on the energy of the card is to pretend you are that card.

When you are nervous about upcoming exams, or have a big performance or public speaking commitment.

PerformanceGiven that much preparation goes on behind the scenes before an exam or any other nerve racking deadline you have to meet, the Chariot can help you prepare. He can inspire confidence in you each day leading up to your big event and remind you to be courageous and have self discipline to attain the desired result you are after. He helps you to see through the struggles you might be feeling whether they be your lack of self confidence or procrastination on taking the steps that you need to take to give yourself the best chance of personal success. And when the big day has arrived to conquer your fears and face the inner battle, you step forward with skill and fortitude and look the challenge squarely in the face and are bigger and victorious for having done so.

 A final note.

To live and breath the energy of The Chariot, sit with the card quietly for a couple of minutes before you start your day. Close your eyes and bring to mind what it would feel like to be the figure in this card. It may be useful to find some music you like that matches the energy of the card that helps you to feel brave, confident, controlled and positive in your mind set to work through any struggles both physically and mentally.


14 thoughts on “Tarot And The Chariot Card-4 Ways This Archetype Can Help You.”

  1. Nice article Liz! The Chariot Card is one of my favorites, and as an apex card, so much the better. I have a hard time embodying The Chariot sometimes, especially when physical sensations intervene. I’m delighted by your post, and would love to subscribe to your site. I know the chariot symbolizes controlled behavior, and even feelings, by riding on a dual path, and mastering your intent. I definitely would like to know more!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Sam! Yes I find the Chariot a little tricky too-the dual aspect of it does confuse me a little, which is why I am trying to make it more relatable to everyday scenarios in this article. I kind of link this card with the Strength card sometimes, as the Strength card reminds me to be courageous, maybe because it has a lion in it (in the Rider Waite deck anyway). But the Chariot seems to be more related to inner or even outer battles to over come more than the Strength card and that is one of their key differences to me.

      I will let you know when I have a subscription option/rss feed once I have grown the site a little more. Thanks again!

  2. Such an interesting article. I have always loved anything to do with tarot cards, though I know little about the meaning of each one. The way you explain the meaning and relate it to 4 different scenarios provides something for everyone.
    I shall certainly try to think of this card when I next feel in need of some fortitude and commitment.

    1. Thanks for your comment Charlotte! There are so many ways to appreciate Tarot cards. You could delve deep into the psychology, philosophy and symbols of them, or you could just sit back and admire the art work on them and worry less about their traditional meanings and draw on your own reactions and intuitive feelings about them. Or, you can enjoy a reading from a skilled professional tarot reader and marvel at how they weave a story from the cards for you. All have their valid points of view.

  3. Hi Liz! I like what you are doing here, many new info for me.

    I have my daily meditation practice, never tried to do in with tarot cards. But I believe it could be useful in a sense.

    Do you think this practice might be useful for complete beginners in terms of knowledge about tarot and different characteristics and powers of cards?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Branka! Thanks for your comment. Absolutely! The practice would be useful to complete beginners of the Tarot cards. All they would need is a deck of Tarot cards and a book with the meanings in it-or even a website or app that lists the meanings of each card. But I feel it is important to own an actual physical deck of cards rather than relying on digital information only so you can shuffle them and feel them and have them around as a reminder. The great thing about Tarot cards is you never stop learning about them, and whether you know nothing about them and are just relying on a book to help you, or you are a fully fledged professional tarot reader, you will gain insight and wisdom in ways to approach your life. I would start with the Rider Waite Tarot deck for a beginner as this is considered one of the classic decks.

  4. Travis Smithers

    I have heard about the tarot cards and know of people who have had readings done.

    When I read your post (which is great by the way) I love the way you explain the meaning of the Chariot card in this particular post. Obviously, each card will have significance to mean something in our daily lives as you have done an example of the Chariot card.

    Are these cards also to be used by individuals where you draw upon the deck for answers to help you through your daily life?

    1. Thanks for your comment Travis, and for your compliments about the article. Tarot cards are traditionally used by individuals to draw upon answers to common problems and challenges people face in daily life. That is the main way people use them. But there are many ways they could be used and I personally like to encourage more of a sense of self reliance within people and help them think about what the best questions to ask might be rather than just asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. I find the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ approach a little shallow and most likely not very useful. A good question to ask would be ‘I am have a particular problem with ……(fill in the blank). What insight might I need into the situation at hand?’

  5. Liz, I like the way how you use tarot cards as a tool to help gain confidence to face difficulties in our daily life. I have been playing tarot cards for many years, I personally view tarot cards as a tool which can help people to get to know better about their current situation by asking the right question to themselves.

    Nice article Liz 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment Stacy! I agree. The wisdom is in the question. The better the question the better the answer!

  6. Miss Louise Kerby

    A dear friend of mine has brought me these tarot cards but unfortunately I don’t have the meaning behind each off the them.
    Where can in find the information to be able to take full advantage of them? /

    1. Hi Louise, I would start with Joan Bunnings Book ‘Learning The Tarot” (available on Amazon). This is the perfect beginners book. It has exercises you can do as well as all the upright Tarot card meanings. Start with one book only, otherwise you will get confused between the different interpretations of various books. When you feel confident with this book you will also start to develop your own meanings of the Tarot cards, but this will take around a year of doing daily Tarot readings for your self and reflecting on the meanings of each card for your own life. Good luck! It is a wonderful journey of self discovery!

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