Tarot Birth CardsIt is said that numbers are the language of the universe, and in Tarot each card is related to a particular number. For example, in the Minor Arcana, each suit is numbered from 1-10 followed by the court cards. The Minor Arcana is connected to more transient themes within a Tarot spread and less about dominant life patterns.

The Major Arcana on the other hand relates to major life themes and is rich in archetypes and symbols and represents certain points within the journey of an individual throughout their life. The Major Arcana contains cards numbered from 0-21. It is for this reason that the Major Arcana is referred to for birth cards because the themes in the Major Arcana are more prominent than the Minor Arcana. The meanings of the Major Arcana cards link into historical roots and significant myths and legends which is what gives the Major Arcana its weight.

Once you have calculated your birth cards, it is worth learning everything about the cards related to you for a better understanding of yourself and the dominant themes that are playing out in your life. This will make manifesting your desires a little easier due to your increased understanding of yourself.

How to calculate your Tarot birth cards.

The basic calculation:

To begin, consider your date of birth-

For example, if you were born on the 18th of February, 1960, the maths would look like this:


Then add 9 + 9 = 18. The number 18 relates to The Moon in the Major Arcana, so in this case this will be the first birth card for this particular birthday.

To calculate the second card, you simply reduce the double digit. So, in this case, 1+8=9.
Number 9 relates to The Hermit in the Major Arcana, so The Moon and The Hermit would be this persons birth cards in terms of the Tarot.

There will be times where the maths will add up to three digits. For example, consider the following birthday: 15th of December 1976. The maths would be:

In this case the first two digits of the three are considered as one number. So it would be 12+2.

To get the first birth card, add 12+2=14 .
Number 14 in the Major Arcana in Tarot is Temperance.Temperance
To get the second birth card number simply reduce number 14 down-eg 1+4=5.
Number 5 in the Major Arcana is The Hierophant. So, Temperance and The Hierophant would be this person’s birth cards in relation to the Tarot.

Single Digit Sums.

Some people’s birthday after calculation will arrive at a single digit as opposed to a double digit.
Take for example 90= 9+0=9 (number 9 relates to The Hermit). In this case you would look for the pair in the Major Arcana.

For example, consider what makes up the number 9 within numbers between 1-21 (all the numbers of the Major Arcana). In the case of number 9, it would be 1+8=9. So card 18 in the Major Arcana would be the pair of 9. So this persons birth cards would be The Hermit+ The Moon.

Three Birth Cards.

There is another exception to calculating your birth card number. If your birthdate sum equals 19 (1+9=10), this number will actually reduce down into three digits which will mean you actually have three birth cards:

1+9=10 and 1+0=1, so this will mean your three birth cards will be The Sun (card 19), The Wheel Of Fortune (card 10) and The Magician (card 1).Three Birth Cards

Studying your story and using it for manifestation.

Once your know your Tarot birth cards, read up on the meanings, stories, myths and legends associated with your birth cards. Doing so will give you a glimpse into your life purpose as well as how you can draw on these stories for manifesting the things you want in life.

Your birth cards help you to understand your strengths and your weaknesses. Once you are familiar with these aspects of yourself in relation to the Tarot, you can look at your goals and work out which positive aspects of your birth cards will help you along your way.

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