So you have just done a reading for yourself or gone to see a tarot reader, and the result of this experience is causing you to worry about the tarot card predictions that you have been given. Well, worry no more. Nothing is written in stone. The beauty of life is that we have free will. And just because you have been told something that is causing you to worry does not mean you have no control over it, or that it will even come to pass.

What to do when you are worried.

The first thing to do whenever you are worried about anything in life is to calm your body and mind. You will not make good decisions while your mind and emotions are reeling and will likely only make the situation worse. After you have taken some time to calm your mind and body, sit down and write a list of all the positive actions you can take to avoid the so called outcome you have been warned about to help you get back into a state of empowerment. This action will help remind you that you really do have free will.

Write down all the reasons why this prediction won’t come true.

When you look at both sides of the coin, you begin to see all the probabilities in front of you. For example, say one of the tarot card predictions you received suggested that your lover is going to cheat on you and leave you. Sit down and write down all the reasons why this will not happen based on your knowledge and feelings about the relationship. Write down the positive aspects of the relationship and what is working between you. Be honest about how you really feel within the relationship and if there are truly any signs that suggest this prediction will come true. You will likely come to feel that the prediction is not really accurate, but what it has done is reminded you to not take your partner for granted and maybe express more appreciation. In other words, this reading is a prompt and opportunity for you to deepen your relationship and clear any blocks that may have come between you. If you had not gotten this reading, you may have missed an opportunity for your relationship to get even better.

If your lover was going to cheat and leave, you would know deep down there were some big problems before you got a tarot reading.

A relationship that is good will foster positive emotions and will support you to fulfill your inner and outer potential. This does not mean it won’t have its challengers. But if one party was going to stray and do something so hurtful, there would be many signs that this relationship is not functional. Many fights, power struggles, general bitterness, deep disappointment and resentment would likely be present, or the relationship was never built on strong foundations to begin with, which would mean the enquirer would be better off without this person anyway. So, even if this prediction is likely to come true, rather than worrying about what the other person is doing, it would be far more productive for the enquirer to focus on their own inner stability, self worth, personal happiness and life path as an individual in order to attract a partner that is better suited.

What are your experiences with tarot card readings in relation to things that made you worry? I would love to hear your thoughts, so comment below and let me know.

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