Tarot cards emerged around the year 1440AD and were originally a deck of playing cards. They make up 78 cards altogether where there are 22 trump cards(the major Arcana) and 56 other cards (the minor arcana). It is not clear how they began to be used for divination purposes but they follow similar principles to the I ching book of changes in the Chinese tradition.

Tarot Cards for LoveTarot cards and the meaning of each card.

Despite many people using the cards as a kind of oracle to predict the future, many  (including myself) do not use it strictly for this purpose. There is a movement spreading across the globe where the Tarot is used for personal development and many psychological aspects come into the interpretation of each card based on their traditional meanings.

Each Tarot card is a story on its own. The pictures on each of the cards tap into a common theme of humanity. I feel this is why so many people feel a connection to the cards, because they tend to highlight what is common to all of our experiences at different points in our life. Each card holds its own distinct energy pattern, and when you draw random cards from a deck while holding your intention to get some clarity around a certain situation, the pictures on the cards help to stir up your deeper feelings and intuition around your subject matter. The result is often a confirmation of what you already knew about a certain circumstance, or helps you see a problem from a different angle therefore giving you greater  access to an inner resource you didn’t know you had.

Tarot Cards and the meaning of each cardThe cards are not to be feared.

There are a lot of stereo types around people who read Tarot cards-the traveling gypsy, the woman in a dark seedy room where there is a crystal ball and candles lit accepting payments from people to find out their ‘destiny’. This is all unfortunate and actually overly complicated because all Tarot is really about is ‘art on a card’. You draw cards while thinking about a problem and gain ‘inspiration’ from the art. Not much different to listening to a piece of inspirational music, or looking upon a sculpture and feeling an internal reaction while you do so.

The necessity of some study.

While the above makes it sound like ‘reading’ Tarot is rather simple, in order to be an effective Tarot reader, some study of the cards and their patterns and historical meanings will be the difference between getting value out of a reading and not getting value. And, once you begin studying the Tarot, you never really stop and there is always something more to learn.

Tarot art inspired by The Moon Tarot card.

Tarot art inspired by The Moon Tarot card.

There is also something synergistic about having someone else read your cards for you, as two heads are usually better than one in order to come up with solutions to challenges currently being experienced, providing the reader is caring and compassionate and not judgemental in any way.I still enjoy getting readings of other people even though I know how to read the cards myself.

However, there is also great benefit in doing your own Tarot readings. If you are prepared to sit with the messages of each card and allow for your own intuition to rise up into your conscious mind, you will tap into your inner resourcefulness in order to move forward with more confidence.

There is still something mysterious about the Tarot however…….

I have a strong interest in quantum physics and the Law of Attraction philosophy and I find it really fascinating how the Tarot seems to highlight the energy patterns going on around and within the people I read cards for, as well as for myself. I do feel there is something viable about the idea that we are all connected in some way on an energetic level and the Tarot seems to confirm this for me.

I have not had one person tell me that my reading was completely inaccurate and off course. I put this down to a combination of what each card represents, as well as partly my own intuition about a person. I believe anyone can develop their intuition if they are interested in doing so, but perhaps the introverts of the world have a small advantage in this area.

What do you think? I would love to know what your perception of Tarot cards have been prior to reading this. Feel free to comment below and let me know!