Manifest with Tarot

The Tarot has long been used as a tool for divination where people will approach a Tarot reader (usually with a question about their own life) and the reader will proceed to shuffle their cards while pondering the person’s question and lay out their cards in a particular formation known as a ‘spread’.

The reader will then tell the person what is ‘on their cards’ so to speak to give them an indication of what is around them that they may not be aware of (note that this saying is a popular expression that many people use, but few actually think about the background of the saying).
This is all an interesting exercise within itself, however, it does leave the person at the mercy of the reader in terms of what they might say about their present and future. They give up their power to the reader and if they like their reading, will walk away happy, and if they don’t, they walk away unhappy or dis-empowered. But, the Tarot can be used in many more ways than this, and many people are unaware that you can use Tarot for manifestation of your goals and desires.

Each Tarot card contains rich symbolism which link into stories that tap into the psyche of humanity as it highlights archetypes and myths that have been passed down over centuries. These stories are hidden within many of our belief systems which is what gives them power and energy to use as a tool for manifesting certain things in your life. The key is to consciously choose which story you would like to bring into your own life for more personal power.

For example, if you are an artist of some kind-whether that be a performing artist, a writer, a painter or dancer and you feel you are looking for more inspiration to continue your artistic life, you might consider linking into the story of  The Star card. The Star in Tarot is all about inspiration, spiritual renewal and feeling guided by something that is bigger than ourselves. The Star may inspire us to further our creativity in ways we have  perhaps overlooked or not considered. It can relate to finding inspiration by spending time in nature and slowing down the mind into a more receptive state to be able to allow more inspiration to flow. It is a gentle card and promises renewed hope and faith in oneself after a period of time that may  have felt recently challenging, but was necessary in order for continued personal growth.