10 of Pentacles in TarotThe Picture in the card

When you draw the 10 of pentacles in Tarot you see what looks like 10 floating discs in the air (symbolizing coins or money). The scene looks like a town centre behind the discs, and an old man sits in an archway with 2 dogs and his family around him. He is wearing a robe which is rich in symbolism such as the crescent moon and grapevines.

What does the Pentacles suit represent in Tarot?

The Suit of Pentacles relates to money, wealth (or lack of it depending on which Pentacles card you are referring to), earthly concerns, physical health, study, step by step processes and other practicalities. For other examples of Pentacles cards and their meanings click here for the 8 of Pentacles in Tarot, or here for the Page of Pentacles in Tarot, or here for the 6 of Pentacles.

10 of Pentacles in TarotWhat does the number 10 represent in Tarot?

The 10 in Tarot refers to a sense of completion or the end of a cycle. The heart of a number 10 is about fulfillment and accomplishment or achievement when the 10 of Cups, 10 of Pentacles or 10 of Wands appears. When the 10 of Swords appears it refers to the end of a long period of upheaval, however the upheaval is still been felt and completion is not present, but will be soon.

Practical applications.

If you are wondering how your latest business venture or new job will turn out, this is the card you want to see in a Tarot spread. It relates to material abundance, wealth, feeling financially secure, and successful monetary exchanges. It also refers to family harmony built on strong financial foundations where wealth can be passed down to the next generation.

Other meanings that are relevant relate to where you might be looking for a more sustainable way of living that has more permanence to it, rather than a makeshift scenario. For example, moving away from temp work or being a casual employee when you would be better off seeking a permanent job position.  It could also be about following through with a solid plan to achieve something.

10 of Pentacles in TarotThere is also much tradition in the card, and being the suit of Pentacles it can relate to following tradition, rather than an untested path to achieve something. It does not mean stepping out side of societies norms so much. It relates more to going with an established societal pattern. For example, go to school, get a job, invest your money and retire at the usual age is something that would be considered a ‘normal’ life path. Unusual work patters are not so much in this card. Where the card refers to business ventures they are likely to be a traditional business structure- a brick and mortar business that has a solid business plan and good financial backing to it.

Questions to ask yourself when you draw this card.

  • Do you have a long term plan that is solid towards growing your wealth?
  • Do you have a plan to provide as much stability for your family or yourself as you can?
  • What structures do you have in place to help you provide for yourself or your family that is sustainable over the long term?
  • Do you need to follow convention at this time in order to take the path of least resistance?
  • Do you need to have a look at what those who came before you did in order to create your own success and wealth?

What solid structures do you have in your life that help you create success, wealth, health and stability? Feel free to comment below!