The 10 Of Swords In TarotThe scene in the card.

When we have a look at the 10 of Swords in Tarot, often our first reaction is that this scene looks pretty grim! We see a man lying face down with 10 swords in his back, next to a calm ocean at night. The dawn looks like it is breaking through with the yellow in the background. As the saying goes ‘It is darkest before dawn’.

The man has a red velvet cloak draped over him. While this card looks like life cannot get any worse for the man, lets take a moment to look beyond the picture.  This card in no way predicts a future (in fact, I would say that Tarot cards should not be used to predict the future. They should only be used to shed light on certain situations in our life and reveal subconscious patterns we may not be aware of). As this card is from the suit of Swords, it refers to certain mental states rather than external situations.

Keywords and meaning.

The 10 Of Swords In TarotThe 10 of swords can symbolize a time in your life where you feel you have hit rock bottom, and the only way is up from here. It can represent being at the lowest point, therefore you can only really expect that things will get better from here on.

It can also symbolize feelings of being a victim. In the victim state you are making out in your own mind that things are much worse than they actually appear to be. You may feel like everyone is getting ahead of you and you are left with the scraps of life, or you feel like you are a doormat. However, this is a mental choice. The state of ‘woe is me’ is not serving you at this time and you need to find ways to create better mental patterns so you can regain your power.

The 10 Of Swords In TarotDespite the picture looking pretty grim, there is actually hope in this card with the new dawn appearing. It is a new day and you may have been through a lot in a certain situation, but you have gained tools along the way in order to cope. It is important to try and flip around any sense of misfortune you feel has occurred in your life in order to keep moving forward. If you get stuck in what you feel has not worked in your life, you will not grow as a person, and you will be blocking new joy in your life.

How to pick yourself up.

The HIgh Priestess In TarotIf you have drawn this card in a reading, now might be a great time to take on a meditation practice if you have not already, as this will help ease the mental patterns that are causing you more distress than is necessary. Meditation can calm the rough seas of your mind and help you make better decisions and see situations with less charge.

Another tool you may consider is self hypnosis to help change the unconscious mental patterns you have going on in your head that lead to painful situations. Some belief systems say that our external world reflects back our internal world, and a lot of our internal world is held in our subconscious mind.

The 10 Of Swords In Tarot

Our subconscious mind consists of beliefs we have unknowingly taken on as a child and carried with us throughout our whole life. These beliefs either help us or hinder us, and if we are experiencing consistent inner pain due to perceived external circumstances, it may be time to update the software of our mind with the help from some self hypnosis.

Spending time hacking your subconscious mind through simple reprogramming exercises is another way you can get yourself out of a mental rut. Our thoughts and emotions are habitual and 95% of them stem from our subconscious mind. There are ways to rewire our brain, but for whatever reason, this is not taught as a common practice for everyday people in order to have success, but it is no less effective.

Questions to ask yourself.

  • Is the situation really as bad as you think it is?
  • Where is the silver lining? Can you focus more on the silver lining more than the problem?
  • Where might you be feeling sorry for yourself and therefore blocking your personal power?
  • What are some constructive thoughts you can have rather than doomsday thoughts?
  • How might you make the best use of the new dawn presented in the card?

I would love to hear how you get yourself out of mental ruts. Feel free to comment below and let me know!