2 of Cups in Tarot

The 2 Of Cups In Tarot

2 of Cups in Tarot

The scene in the card.

When you look at the 2 of Cups in Tarot you see a man and a woman facing each other holding golden cups and their hands join together behind the cup that the woman is holding. The scene could easily be interpreted as a wedding or a union of some other sort. The Caduceus of Hermes floats just above them which is a Greek symbol associated with trade, commerce and negotiation. Rolling green hills are depicted in the background with a house in the distance which holds the promise of a blissful domestic situation.

2 Of Cups In TarotThe meaning of the number 2.

In Tarot, the practice of Numerology comes into play when interpreting the cards and the number two represents duality, partnership, coming together, joint creative ventures, union and the alchemy that occurs when two or more hearts or minds are joined. The number 2 also relates to the High Priestess in its energy which therefore has a dominant feminine feeling to it. Each Tarot card is related to a particular number which enhances the meaning of each Tarot card.

The meaning of Cups in Tarot.

The suit of cups represents the emotional realm where feelings and intuitions come to the forefront. The element is water, hence the cups which represent vessels in order to hold water. Artistic pursuits are also represented within suit of Cups. See my post on The Ace of Cups for more information on this watery suit.

Practical applications.

This card could indicate the beginning of a new relationship or joining up with a new business partner where there is creative flow and good feelings from the get go. Traditionally this card symbolizes romantic love at its most idealised moments where the couple see everything through rose coloured glasses. The relationship has a promising start, but only time will tell if the relationship will blossom into a lasting mature union. Other interpretations of the card relate to artistic unions such as the writer and the actor, the artist and the muse or any situation where productive working relationships come into play. Special friendships may also be indicated where love or working relationships do not seem relevant. As with all Tarot card readings, the position of the card in a given spread will be key to interpreting the card accurately.

Questions to ask yourself.

  • Is there a project I would be better off enlisting the help of someone else?
  • How can I make the most of the skills my business partner has?
  • What would help this new romantic relationship blossom into its full potential?
  • What would be a fair trade when considering a joint venture with someone?
  • How can I create a win/win situation for the parties concerned?
  • How can I improve my negotiation skills?
  • What do I need in order to feel fulfilled in a relationship?

What is your impression of the 2 of Cups in Tarot? I would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment below and let me know!

6 thoughts on “The 2 Of Cups In Tarot”

  1. As someone who knows little to nothing about tarot cards, I found your site absolutely fascinating. A study of the various cards and their significance seems intriguing. While I’m unlikely to ever believe my future can be read in cards, I can see where a reading might be effective in encouraging you to look at things from a different perspective or see new possibilities. There’s also a restfulness about your site that I really enjoyed. Nicely done!

    1. Hi Linda. Thanks for your comments! Simply put, I think Tarot cards are most useful for unlocking the subconscious mind. You basically look at a picture on a card while contemplating a problem in your mind and you gain fresh perspectives on your situation by what comes up from your unconscious mind. That is a simplistic explanation, but a good place to start with Tarot rather than seen as a tool to predict the future.

  2. I have always been intrigued by tarot cards. I have never been read to but after reading your article, I have gained an ever greater interest in doing so. Your explanation really makes a lot sense. I am thinking that the 2 of cups would be a card that I would like to see show up in my reading. Numerology is also another interesting way to look into someone’s past and future. Thanks for the great article.

  3. Hi Liz,
    Interesting read. I don’t know a whole lot about tarot but I am a very avid astrologer. I like to look at natal charts. I also know a bit about numerology–my birthpath is 9. What does the 9 mean in tarot?

    But I guess this post would attract people who are already well versed in cards or beginners who have just got their first deck. It would be fun to add some more interaction between your user(s)

    Anyway, thought it was neat!

    1. Hey Ben, thanks for your comment.

      The number 9 in Tarot is read in a very similar way that it would be read in numerology. Tarot and numerology go hand in hand actually, as each of the cards have a number whether that be a double digit number that breaks down to a single digit or a single digit on its own, like the 2 in the Two Of Cups. Tarot also draws on astrology too where each of the The Tarot Suits relate to one of the four elements which correspond to a sun sign.

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