The 6 Of Wands in TarotThe 6 of Wands in Tarot depicts a man riding on a white horse amongst a group of people who are also riding horses. He has a green wreath on his head as well as on top of one of the Wands he holds. He looks as if he has been victorious from a battle he has just one. The sky is clear and the horse is cloaked in the colour green which is symbolic of growth and renewal.

What the number 6 represents.

The number 6 in Tarot often represents communication, problem solving, harmony, adjustment and cooperation. It is a stable number unlike the 5 which is related to conflict and battle. Therefore when the 6 of Wands in Tarot appears in a reading it can indicate you have been through a time of battle of some sort either on an interior or exterior level and have now reached a place of victory and self confidence.

Life Examples of the 6 of Wands.

  • You have been in a situation where you have been wrongly accused of something and have had to prove your innocence and have been successful at doing so.
  • You have been dealing with an inner conflict around achieving a certain goal due to lack of self confidence and finally you have broken through some mental barriers and achieved some success.
  • You have been trying to balance many conflicting directions you would like to go and you have finally arrived at a harmonious solution.
  • You are projecting too much pride within a situation and need to reign it in a little so as to not appear arrogant.
  • You are an athlete and have been training hard for a competition and as a result have emerged as the winner due to being able to push past conflicting inner dialogue that could have easily resulted in losing your self confidence.

Questions to ask yourself when you see this card.

  • How might I resolve conflicts in my life that might be preventing me from achieving what it is I want?
  • Do my goals support each other in order for me to go in a single direction and achieve success?
  • Where do I feel I deserve recognition for my efforts?
  • How can I better acknowledge the progress I have made so far in the direction of my dreams therefore allowing me to celebrate the small wins along the way?
  • Where do I need to have a higher opinion of myself in order to move forward with confidence?
  • Where might I need to show modesty in terms of my self confidence so as not to annoy others?
  • What previous inner struggles have I been having in the past that might prevent me from having success in the present?

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