7 of wands in tarot

The 7 Of Wands In Tarot

7 of wands in tarotThe scene in the card.

When you look at the 7 of wands in Tarot you see a man holding up a single wand  in a defensive position with the other 6 wands sticking up towards him in what looks like an attack on him. When you look at his shoes you also notice he has a different shoe on each foot. He is also standing on what looks like bumpy terrain. It is possible this represents having an ‘uneven footing’ in life, or being on ‘unsteady ground’ in your current stance on a situation that is potentially filled with conflict.

The number 7.

In Tarot, the number 7 is somewhat of an unstable number (like the number 5) and often refers to illusions, or refers to the character trait of not taking things at face value and searching for the truth. The number 7 is all about getting to the bottom of a perceived circumstance.the 7 of wands in tarot

The Suit of Wands.

The Wands suit in Tarot is about creativity, external energy, determination and strength. It is associated with the fire element and has tremendous energy behind it.  Big dreams and expansion all resonate with the Wands. When you combine the 7 and the suit of Wands it can indicate that you have gotten to a point where you must find the truth of a situation and it will mean you need to exert great energy and resilience in order to prevail. As with all Tarot readings, the position in the spread is key to interpreting this card.

Keywords and practical applications.

When you draw this card in a reading it may indicate you need to take on an extremely assertive (if not aggressive) stance to stand your ground over an issue that is important to you. You may find you need to actually get to the point where you are prepared to fight for what it is you believe and be sure of it. It is all about taking a strong position and having conviction that what you are doing is the right thing. You go after what you want and you are not prepared to stop until you get it.  There may be a situation in your life where your integrity has been called into question and you need to be strongly persuasive and draw on all of your internal strength reserves in order to pull off a favourable outcome for yourself.

Questions to ask yourself.

  • Is there a situation where you feel you need to fight for what you believe in because you know deep in your heart it is the right thing to do?
  • Are you clear about your ‘footing’ in the situation you are thinking about? In other words, do you have a strong conviction about what it is you want to do, or do you feel you are on ‘shaky ground’?
  • Is the battle worth fighting for? Will you ‘win the battle but lose the war’ by deciding to take a fixed stance on a point of view you are trying to convey to another person or group of people?

What areas do you need to take a stand on in the face of adversity right now in order to move forward? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

4 thoughts on “The 7 Of Wands In Tarot”

  1. Lauren Kinghorn

    Hi Liz, ooh, bring on the 7 of Wands! Amazing card for me because I tend to be very impressionable, listening to what others think I should do, rather than following my own inner compass.
    I really liked the “questions to ask yourself” section at the end of the explanation. All three questions were great one’s for me to keep in mind on a daily basis.
    Thank you. Feels like I just had a tarot reading.

  2. Wow, i really enjoyed you post. I have been interested in tarot since one of my friends keep talking about them. Some of the questions you have at the end of your post also correspond to to the questions I have. I guess reading your post signals that I have to talk to my friend about tarot soon.

    1. Hey Lynn! Well that is synchronicity in action for you right there! Thanks for your comment and glad you enjoyed the post

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