The Ace of Cups in Tarot

The Ace of Cups In Tarot

The Ace of Cups in TarotThe picture on the card.

When we look at the Ace of Cups in Tarot we see a golden cup held by a hand which is over flowing with water. The hand comes directly from the clouds which symbolizes our consciousness and the five streams of water relate to our five senses.  A dove hovers above with a disc in its mouth which is symbolic of spirit manifesting in physical form. The disc has a masonic cross on it which has been deemed a symbol of the holy land therefore keeping in line with spiritual forces. The lotus blossoms in the water are symbolic of the awakening of the human spirit.

What the Cups represent in Tarot.

Cups represent the emotional realm in Tarot. Inspiration, feelings, love and spirituality in whatever form resonates with you are indicated here. The element of Cups in Tarot is water. Flow, inner guidance are relevant and can sometimes refer to romantic partnerships.

What the Ace represents in Tarot.

An Ace card in the Tarot refers to new beginnings. When you draw this card there is a new emotional opening waiting for you to take in your life. The question is, will you take it? There is a loving energy around you that you are aligned with. It is a symbol of possibility. There may be a new relationship on the horizon for you, or new feelings of inspiration are entering your life. Perhaps you may find it easier to forgive someone you need to forgive at this time as you feel an increased amount of grace, or it will easier to set aside your anger and move onto greater emotional happiness.

Practical Applications.

The ace of cups in tarotStrong Emotions-This may be a time to get in touch with your true feelings. Let your heart lead the way and guide you. Is there anyone in your life you need to empathize with at the moment? Perhaps you need to express some deep feelings to someone in your life therefore helping to deepen the bonds between you.

Intuition-This is a time when you can more readily rely on your intuition as you will have more access to it. Respond to your inner promptings and go with the flow more. Trust your gut. For some suggestions on how to enhance your intuition, click here.

Intimacy-Is there are new relationship on offer? If so, this may be someone you can develop a deep bond with, or if it is an existing relationship there is an opportunity for growing feelings of love.

Carry out actions in the pure state of love-Get to the heart of your pureness within and proceed with an inner state of grace. Let your love shine out. Drop your judgements and allow for forgiveness. Give your time freely to those in need and you will be rewarded with a state of inner joy.

The Ace of Cups in TarotQuestions to ask.

  • Where can you allow more love to flow in your life? Who do you need to forgive? Remember, forgiveness is not letting someone off the hook-it is actually giving yourself a gift of love as you let go of negative energy that is actually hurting you more than the person you need to forgive.
  • Where are the opportunities to experience more flow and inspiration in your life?
  • Where can you let your love shine?
  • Where can you express some deeper feelings to someone you have possibly been holding back from?
  • Where might you find a new relationship if you have been looking for one?
  • What situation requires more of your empathy?
  • Now is a good time to welcome new feelings into your life. Will you allow them to inspire you?

What situations in the past have you let your guard down and expressed from the heart which resulted in a new positive direction either for yourself, or between you and others? I would love to hear about your experience. Feel free to comment below!

14 thoughts on “The Ace of Cups In Tarot”

  1. Hi Liz,
    Admittedly not knowing anything at all around the subject of Tarots as it relates to the mind/body I must assume that, similar to regular card playing – poker, blackjack, spades, rummy, etc. that the Ace of Cups represents the most prestige and highest value of anything else. Am I correct or am I totally off base? In cards the Ace representing more than one numerical value, (1 or 11) certainly is more valuable compared to a “3” or “4” card. The Ace is also above the King or Queen when your dealing with regular cards, and having more value.

    From what I gathered reading your great article the Ace of Cups in Tarot seems to lead to new beginnings in a person’s life. It could be something quite positive and uplifting, but as you stated it would be up to the individual who draws the Ace of Cups to take advantage by pursuing with vigor all that is possible.

    The artistic rendition of the Ace of Cups Tarot seemed to be very peaceful and symbolic by nature. The dove indeed seemed to symbolize all things non-combative that truly many of us out to follow to have our lives be more fulfilled and meaningful.

    1. Hey Jeff! Ooh you have opened a can of worms with the comparison to Tarot to other card games. Where do I start? Historically the Tarot actually goes back to the game of Bridge, and although not absolutely confirmed, the Tarot began in Italy around the 14th century at the beginning of the renaissance. However, the structure of the Tarot cards are quite different to a regular playing card deck in that they are divided into two sections called arcana’s which means ‘secrets’ or ‘mysteries’. Where you have trump cards in the game of Bridge, you also have trump cards in Tarot, except there are 22 of them and they don’t change, which are known as ‘the major arcana’. The other 56 are suit cards, known as the minor arcana where you have all your numbers up to 10, then a Page, Knight, Queen and King. The Ace would not trump other cards, it only tells part of the story, and you are correct in that it usually indicates the beginners of certain things depending on which suit is displaying the Ace-eg the Ace of cups refers to the emotions, the Ace of Wands refers to more fiery creative energy, the Ace of Pentacles refers more the earthly concerns and the Ace of Swords refers to mental aspects. That is a simplified explanation of it all, but a quick glimpse none the less. Thanks for your comments!

  2. This is really cool!

    I honestly don’t really believe much in this stuff, but I do find it all very fascinating at the same time.

    Spiritual things like these have always interested me, but I’ve never looked too much into Tarot cards, so this was really cool to read!

    Lots of cool symbolism even if one doesn’t believe in it.

    1. Hey Steph, I am not sure I believe in the cards predicting the future or telling me the past either, even though I have had some interesting experiences with Tarot card readers being quite accurate about my life and predicting things that actually did end up happening. The thing that interests me the most about the cards is the story in each card and like you also said-all the symbolism. There is also a lot of history in each card, so I find that interesting too. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. i have always been interested about the Tarot cards and their meanings. I like your post because you explain all of the details of the doves and such. I appreciate the positiveness associated with this article and what can be done in a positive way going forward. I especially liked the part about making our love grow! Thanks.

    1. Hey Steve, thanks for your comments. The Tarot is endlessly fascinating to me. Everyday I learn something new about it. And I also find that it’s basic message is very positive and great for personal growth.

  4. Martin Kelly

    Great site and subject. I have had readings done with Tarot and without it seems the reader is psychic anyway so maybe the tarot are tools a psychic uses just like crystal ball or holding an object. I once followed Elizebeth Haich have you seen her book on Tarot she has some fascinating observations about the symbolism explains what some of the symbols mean etc.I don’t know enough to read the cards myself but I definately believe these symbols are a way to read a persons situation along with joytish astrology and other methods.Thanks for an interesting site I’d love to see more because it is fascinating how about the Castle ? I’d love to know about that ….!

    1. Hey Martin, thanks for your comment. I agree that many tarot readers seem psychic in some way, and the Tarot does seem like a tool that they use to enhance their intuition. I will look up Elizebeth Haich-I have not come across her but she sounds really interesting!

      You can still read Tarot cards for yourself even if you are a complete beginner and get some personal meaning from them. All you need is a book with the traditional Tarot meanings in them and some ideas about spreads and you are off to a great start.

      I am assuming by the castle you mean The Tower? The Tower is all about abrupt change in a certain situation. It is a trump card so has some heavy weight behind it. I will be writing about it soon!

  5. “Ecstasy Be Thine, And Joy Of Earth.” The Ace Of Cups instigates an exploration into our lives, and the deep emotional drives that set them in place. This is a card of the heart. What do each of us need to repair, release or construct in our emotional life? It is time to forgive, and release the negative. What new experiences can we embrace? It is time to open ourselves to love, and the manifestations it will bestow on our lives. Remember it all is here, to e claimed or not. This card asks us to bring our beauty out of the shadow. Liz, you’re awesome!

  6. Hey Liz, I absolutely love the Ace of Cups personally.

    No reasons other than seeing the dove and the lotus makes me feel at peace (dove is the universal symbol for peace, and for me, lotus is associated with the Lotus Sutra in Buddhism, which I listened to sleep when I was young).

    I’ve drawn the Ace of Cups several times in readings. Indeed as you have said, most of them symbolizes a new beginning in a relationship or a time for giving. And many people have feedback that it is indeed the case! They felt a lot better when they did as the card suggested instead of hanging to the past.

    I probably can’t put the meaning of the tarot cards out as well as you, lol. 😛 Glad that you’re the one that is typing everything out!

    1. Hi again Rachel! Yes I particularly love this card too, and always feel somewhat pleased when it shows up. Do you read reversed cards or just upright?

        1. It is definitely a hotly debated topic amongst Tarot readers as to whether to read reversed or not. In the past I always read reversed cards, but lately I have been experimenting with reading upright only, yet still keep both possible meanings in mind for any of the cards in any given spread. It has been an interesting experiment in deepening my intuition. However, I suspect I will probably go back to reading reversed cards again in the future.

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