The Ace of Cups in TarotThe picture on the card.

When we look at the Ace of Cups in Tarot we see a golden cup held by a hand which is over flowing with water. The hand comes directly from the clouds which symbolizes our consciousness and the five streams of water relate to our five senses.  A dove hovers above with a disc in its mouth which is symbolic of spirit manifesting in physical form. The disc has a masonic cross on it which has been deemed a symbol of the holy land therefore keeping in line with spiritual forces. The lotus blossoms in the water are symbolic of the awakening of the human spirit.

What the Cups represent in Tarot.

Cups represent the emotional realm in Tarot. Inspiration, feelings, love and spirituality in whatever form resonates with you are indicated here. The element of Cups in Tarot is water. Flow, inner guidance are relevant and can sometimes refer to romantic partnerships.

What the Ace represents in Tarot.

An Ace card in the Tarot refers to new beginnings. When you draw this card there is a new emotional opening waiting for you to take in your life. The question is, will you take it? There is a loving energy around you that you are aligned with. It is a symbol of possibility. There may be a new relationship on the horizon for you, or new feelings of inspiration are entering your life. Perhaps you may find it easier to forgive someone you need to forgive at this time as you feel an increased amount of grace, or it will easier to set aside your anger and move onto greater emotional happiness.

Practical Applications.

The ace of cups in tarotStrong Emotions-This may be a time to get in touch with your true feelings. Let your heart lead the way and guide you. Is there anyone in your life you need to empathize with at the moment? Perhaps you need to express some deep feelings to someone in your life therefore helping to deepen the bonds between you.

Intuition-This is a time when you can more readily rely on your intuition as you will have more access to it. Respond to your inner promptings and go with the flow more. Trust your gut. For some suggestions on how to enhance your intuition, click here.

Intimacy-Is there are new relationship on offer? If so, this may be someone you can develop a deep bond with, or if it is an existing relationship there is an opportunity for growing feelings of love.

Carry out actions in the pure state of love-Get to the heart of your pureness within and proceed with an inner state of grace. Let your love shine out. Drop your judgements and allow for forgiveness. Give your time freely to those in need and you will be rewarded with a state of inner joy.

The Ace of Cups in TarotQuestions to ask.

  • Where can you allow more love to flow in your life? Who do you need to forgive? Remember, forgiveness is not letting someone off the hook-it is actually giving yourself a gift of love as you let go of negative energy that is actually hurting you more than the person you need to forgive.
  • Where are the opportunities to experience more flow and inspiration in your life?
  • Where can you let your love shine?
  • Where can you express some deeper feelings to someone you have possibly been holding back from?
  • Where might you find a new relationship if you have been looking for one?
  • What situation requires more of your empathy?
  • Now is a good time to welcome new feelings into your life. Will you allow them to inspire you?

What situations in the past have you let your guard down and expressed from the heart which resulted in a new positive direction either for yourself, or between you and others? I would love to hear about your experience. Feel free to comment below!