The Alchemy Of Tarot

The Alchemy Of Tarot

The Alchemy Of TarotTarot cards can be a window into your soul and the energy that is present in your mind, heart and over all life at the moment of reading them. Many people come to Tarot because they feel they want to predict the future and therefore have greater personal power. Most of the clients I have read Tarot for have this view that if they could just know what is going to happen, then they could feel better.

Don’t use Tarot to predict the future.

But here is the thing-just because cetain cards have shown up doesn’t mean that certain events are going to transpire. The cards are just a reflection of what is going on for you in the moment. It is the energy of the moment. But it doesn’t mean that it will be the energy of the next moment.By observing the cards that have shown up, you have already changed the energy of the moment into another energy. Now you are more consciously aware of what energy is present within you.

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Using Tarot to find out information about another.

One thing that is really important to know is just because you might have enquired about another person in your life within a Tarot reading, it does not mean that what has shown up on the cards actually represents the other person. What it represents is your own perception of the person and how you feel in relationship to them. It doesn’t represent actual reality. The person you are thinking about is in their own complete unique reality that is all about them, and not you.

However, this does not mean that what the cards are ‘telling’ you about the other person is irrelevant. It is important information for you and helps you to get clarity around your own feelings of the relationship, and then decide what it is you actually want in your life rather than focusing on what you don’t want. Most people spend their days thinking about what they don’t want without realising it, and as a result feel fatigue, anger and frustration in their life.

Screen Shot 2016 05 18 at 7.57.06 amThe King Of Cups Reversed.

Lets say you did a reading for yourself and one of the key cards that came up regarding a certain energy going on in your life at the moment was the King Of Cups Reversed.This card can represent a person who is very manipulative or has no control over their emotions and as a result people feel uneasy around them. This can either represent you yourself, or it can represent someone in your life. Be open to the possibiliity that it might represent you, but don’t allow this to be a reason why you feel bad about yourself. It is simply information for you. In your heart you will know if it applies to you or someone else.

What to do next.

Lets look at the following scenario. Lets say that the King of cups reversed represents someone in your ife at the moment. Perhaps it is a man you have a friendship or romantic relationship with. As the card is a King it usually represents male energy. But it does not have to mean a male-it could mean a quality of leadership energy that represents a person who might be in a particular position of power, yet has a destructive influence on you or those around you. Like I said before though, it is your perception of the person, not necessarily what the person actually is.

So, you have decided you are suffering around this person. You feel this person knocks you off balance and sucks your energy out and you are left feeling drained, and the fact that this card has shown up for you is just a confirmation as to how you feel about this person.

attraction based universeNow flip the energy.

Rather than making yourself feel worse about this relationship right now and focussing on what this person is doing ‘wrong’ in your life, start a dialogue with yourself about what kind of relationships you would prefer to have. Don’t focus on what kind of relationship you would ike to specifically have with this person, but just go general on all kinds of people. For example you could dialogue like this:

Declare what you want first.

“I want to feel good in my life. I want to have relationships with people in positions of power that elevate my energy. I want to feel flow within my relationships and a balance of power. I want to feel like my voice and opinions matter around key people in my life and that there is an easy flow of emotional energy between us. I want to feel supported and cared about within my most important relationships.”

How would you feel if you had this right now?

“If this were present in my life right now I would feel really comfortable. I would feel like my heart is open and that I am confortable expressing myself. I would feel a certain flow in my life, and a real heartfelt connection. I would feel like I have more energy and feel an inner balance that supports me doing what it most important in my life.”

Begin to really feel you have this right now.

“I am flowing with people around me. I feel an easy give and take of energy. I feel supported in my opinions. I feel joy within knowing that what I say and feel matters to others. My body and mind are relaxed. I feel content with this easy flow of emotional energy around me. I feel loved.”

Notice how we are not focussing on the actual person you feel is represented by the King of cups reversed. We are first noticing what we don’t want through what has shown up on the card, then we flip our attention to what we do want. Then, we give more attention and feeling to what we want instead, and we grow that energy inside of us for a few minutes.

Why this exercise works.

This exercise shifts your own energy and perceptions about things and you are now more open to solutions around the pain you might be feeling in the moment as represented by the King of Cups reversed. The key moving forward now is to keep more attention on the experience you would rather have in your life than the experience you are actually having in the moment with a certain person. As the teachings of Abraham state:

“In an attraction based Universe, there is no such thing as no. Your attention to it says yes to it. In your physical reality, things do not manifest instantly, for there is a wonderful buffer of time that gives you the opportunity to redirect your attention more toward what you do want to experience”.

Did this post give you an alternative way to look at Tarot cards and how you can use them to solve challenges in your life? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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8 thoughts on “The Alchemy Of Tarot”

  1. Your website provides interesting information on a subject that is “out there” I appreciated the fact that you mentioned that the Taro doesn’t predict the future. That’s honest and made me feel more interested to know more about the dynamic and perhaps get a taro reading.
    Can you explain why people want the future to be predicted?

    1. Hi Orion, I would say people want the future to be predicted because for the most part they feel fear about their future. They want to know what is going to happen, or they want reassurance that things will be ok. They might be feeling sad in the moment and know what they could do to not be sad.There are many reasons, but for the most part I would say it is about reassurance that things will work out. Before I because a professional Tarot reader, I used to approach the cards in this way too. But I really feel that it is coming from a disempowered state and that the true power of reading Tarot cards is to gain more inner wisdom and build on your own resilience. Feel free to drop me an email if you would like to Get a Tarot Reading. 🙂 I not only do email readings, but also skype readings. 

  2. While I am not really familiar with Tarot cards I do feel that it is pretty similar to being present in your life and paying attention to your inner feelings. For example, when I don’t care for someone I have learned that maybe I should try to really listen to them in conversation and find out the good things about them. Maybe it is just me and my own personality and not them.

    Isn’t that the same as when you are working with the Tarot cards and are inquiring about someone that you know and that you do not actually care for. If a certain card comes up about them maybe negative, it probably came up because it had to do with your personal energy, your feelings about them, and not necessarily relate to what is actually happening to the other person.

    Like you said it could be something negative that is going to happen but maybe check your own feelings out to see what you are thinking in that moment.

    This is hard to put into words for sure. I hope this makes sense.

    This is a very interesting post. The Tarot cards sound like a good tool to use to explain your inner self and paying attention to your positive and negative energies.

    How often do you read the cards? Is this something that you do periodically, daily, weekly? I would be curious to know.

    1. Hi Donna, yes you are making sense to me! It kind of is difficult to put into words, but I feel that if you use symbols (such as the pictures and meanings of Tarot cards) it gives you more access to your subconscious mind if you are familiar with how to read the cards. But even if you were not familiar, you could still choose a card at random and look up the meaning of the card and spend some time reflecting how that card represents certain aspects of your life at the time and therefore how you could shift your attention to a solution or different kind of action.

      I used to like to doing daily draws for myself, but these days I mostly read the cards when someone else wants a reading. However, I still like to pull a card or two at least every few weeks. It helps me stay grounded when I am after a solution to a challenge I might be facing.

  3. This article really changed the way that I think about tarot and showed how it can help us know ourselves better and our relationships to the people around up. It is also interesting how you tied the law of attraction into your article. I honestly have never considered the relationship between tarot readings and the law of attraction.

    1. Hello Asmithxu, really glad I could shed a different perspective on the Tarot for you! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  4. This is very interesting! I’ve always wondered about Tarot reading, and I had a friend who was really into it. She did a tarot reading on me with the cards, and I was amazed at the self-perceptions that my eyes were opened to. 🙂

    I guess I have always misunderstood, and never thought about how the tarot readings don’t necessarily reflect what IS going to happen, or how someone else IS… but rather it is a reflection of how we feel, personally! That is really cool!

    Is it difficult to learn how to read tarot cards? It just seems like there are so many different ways to interpret them… so I wonder how long it takes to become “fluent” with reading them?

    Great post! Thanks!

    1. Hey Mei, you are right in that there are so many ways to interpret Tarot cards, and this can make it confusing to know where to start. Generally speaking though, there are some standard traditional meanings of the Rider Waite deck and this is where I would advise you to start. Have a look at Joan Bunnings book called ‘Learning The Tarot’ which you can find on Amazon and other online books shops. It is where I started and I feel is the best book for beginners, and I have looked at quite a few Tarot books in my time! But in terms of how long it takes to become a proficient reader, it really depends on how often you spend with your Tarot cards. If you were to say spend 20 minutes a day looking at one card and reading about its meanings and doing readings for yourself and then for others, I would expect that within a year you would have some good skills under your belt. But it comes down to dedicating that time each day so you can kind of start to live and breath the Tarot if that makes sense?

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