The Death card in Tarot

The Death Card In Tarot

The Death card in TarotThe Death card in Tarot can often bring about a sense of fear in people when it is drawn. Not only does the picture in the card have a skeleton riding a horse, but the horse has a red eye which looks frightening. The Skeleton is holding a black flag which at first seems as if there is a lack of hope around a situation.

However when we look at the picture on the black flag we see a white rose which is symbolic of purity, and in the background we see a rising sun between two pillars which is symbolic of being reborn- a new day or a new era. The two pillars, just like the pillars in The High Priestess are symbolic of a gateway of knowledge. In the case of Death, it is symbolizing the gateway of knowledge to gain immortality. It rarely means an actual physical death of someone, if at all.

Immortality and practical applications in daily life.

What could the feeling of immortality mean for our day to day life? It is the sense that even though we have a physical body, we are so much more than our physical body, and we know this to be true on a deep level and in brief moments in our life we get glimpses of what it is like to live completely without fear. These moments are a moment of purity where we are aligned with our higher selves who knows that life is a never ending cycle made up of endings and beginnings and we need not resist these cycles because it is the natural order of things.

One phase begins and another begins.

The most simple interpretation of the Death card in Tarot is an indication that one period of your life is ending and another is beginning. It is a suggestion that your path of least resistance is to not hold onto things from the past, but embrace the new day or new era and allow it to strip you of all the unnecessary beliefs and assumptions about yourself, others and the world. It is a chance to rethink your approach to situations and be aware of where you are holding resistance to new circumstances that are coming into your life.

What are your rhythms and cycles in daily life?

On a practical day to day level, you could have a look at the rhythms of your life. For example, night turns into day and the day turns into night. Do you have some kind of routine in place which allows you to live as close to your higher self as possible? For example-do you consciously start your day with perhaps some meditation, an early morning walk, some journaling or anything else that gets your mind and body into an optimal state to be receptive to pure emotions of love, joy, abundance and exhilaration?

Or, do you wake up to a screeching alarm and hit the snooze button several times and dread getting out of bed, then get up at the last minute and rush around to get out of the door to get to work?

The first routine or one like that helps you to feel in control of your day and ride the wave of the new beginning of the day or the new cycle. The second routine puts you in a reactive frame of mind from the get go and you are less likely to be able to ‘hear’ the guidance of your higher self throughout your day.

What cycles are you aware of on a daily basis in your own life and how could you maximise them to put yourself in the best state of mind and ride their waves rather than resist them?

Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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