The Emperor in tarotThe weekly reading has revealed that the Emperor in tarot has a major significance for us for the coming week beginning the 28th of January. The Emperor tarot card meaning relates to government organisations, male authority, male leadership, paternal inclinations and establishment. When this archetype is being expressed in the negative it can signify domination and excessive control, inflexibility and lack of discipline. This post will look at world events relating to this card, as well as what it means for us on a more personal level. Feel free to watch video below or keep reading underneath the video.

Numerology of The Emperor Card

This week is also governed by the master numbers 22 in numerology, where these two numbers are the unpinning of the building blocks of the Emperor in tarot.

Let’s look at the math breakdown of the dates in question:

Days of the week: 28+29+30+31+1+2+3=16 which breaks down to 7.

Then we take the months January (1) and February (2), because we are crossing over from one month to the next during the week. Then we consider the year: 2019.

So we get:

7+1+2+2+0+1+9=22 (a significant master number in numerology) which is further reduced to 4, which gives us our Emperor card.

Emperor Tarot Card and the week ahead

AsI stated in my 2019 world predictions, the dominant archetype of the year is The Empress. This week duality will be highlighted as the Emperor is the male counterpart of the Empress in tarot. By duality, I mean we may likely see the opposite of everything the Empress represents. The Emperor is connected to the planet Mars (the planet of war) and the astrological sign of Aries. I find it ironic that the US government shutdown is one of the top news stories of late which could not be a better real life Emperor tarot card example of a government body executing excessive control and displaying immense inflexibility over building the symbolic structure of ‘The Great Wall Of Trump’. I am not sure that good will come out of this. Taking into consideration duality once more, and the symbolism of male and female leadership with the Empress and the Emperor, all you have to consider is the stronghold between Trump and Nancy Pelosi. How this will resolve? Who knows…..But they are a prime example of male and female leadership in complete duality and division and going head-to-head.

When will the US government shut down end?

I feel that the conclusion of this government shutdown will send ripples across the US and possibility the world at large. Consider the master number 22 is also symbolic of The World tarot card, as it is the 22nd card in the major arcana deck in tarot. Things are not always what they appear and I feel this issue is distracting us from something else that ‘the powers that be’ don’t want us looking at. I will take a risk in predicting that the government shutdown will end on the 7th of February 2019. If I am correct about this date, I will go into more details about how I came to this conclusion in another post. But for now, I will just float it.

UPDATE: 26th Jan-Well, turns out my prediction was incorrect. As I awoke this morning the headlines read ‘Trump surrenders to Democrats, ends government shutdown’. He is threatening to shut it down again on the 15th of Feb. I guess we’ll watch this space…

What does the Emperor card mean for us individually?

This week is a week to make sure you take care of elements of your life that may be lacking discipline and focus. It is a week to focus on the building blocks of your life and how you lay down your plans brick by brick. It is also a week to consider where in your life is feeling shaky and what you can do to build more foundation and security. After the fresh inspiration and new beginnings of last week, this weeks focus is around how you can lay down the plans to make it happen and all the practical steps involved. Take some time to consider the following questions:

  • How can I feel more secure inwardly and outwardly?
  • What actions and mindsets can I adopt to allow for stronger foundations in my life?
  • Where might I be lacking discipline which is getting in the way of creating a life that I like?
  • What are my feelings around authority figures? Do I feel like I am in control, or them?
  • Am I able to stay grounded around authority figures and still maintain my own authority?
  • Do I feel I have authority generally speaking? Do I feel secure in it?
  • What can I do to expand my sense of authority?

Other tarot cards to consider:

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Feel free to comment below and let me know how this reading might resontate with you at the moment!