In this weeks reading I focused on the following:

  • Card 1: What will nourish us?
  • Card 2: What could poison us?
  • Card 3: What is one thing we need to keep in mind?

The cards that came up for each position were:

  • The Emperor
  • King of Wands Reversed
  • The Hanged Man Reversed

The Emperor tarot cardThe Emperor is all about structure and stability. This week may be a good time to get some order in your life and pay attention to what foundations you are setting up for yourself regarding your future. This is going to nurture you well into the future and give you a sense of control and confidence in your abilities.

This card also relates to father figures and men who have wisdom and experience who could be in a position to offer you some sound advice about a challenge you have. It can also relate to a need to be bold in your actions and have confidence that what you want to do will work out so long as you commit to it wholeheartedly.

Ask yourself ‘What bold actions or people have nurtured me in the past or could help me in the present?’

What could poison you?

King of Wands in TarotThis week you’d be wise to steer clear of anyone who seems to want to control situations in toxic ways and this relates to the King Of Wands Reversed. There may be someone around you who has a leadership position, but they are abusing their power and exhausting everyone around them. This person could be a fire sign such as Aries, Leo Or Sagittarius, or someone who has creative abilities that have gotten out of control and out of balance. The next card (Hanged Man Reversed) warns to make sure you stay out of their way otherwise you risk sacrificing too much of your own energy to fulfill their bottomless pit of needs.

The Quest For Love.

When the Emperor tarot card relates to the quest for love, it can mean that you may be seeking someone who has strong leadership qualities and exudes an element of control and dominance. Ask yourself if this is something you feel will nurture you or hinder you? Will you feel like an equal to this person? Or will you feel as if you are beneath this person setting you up for future misery?

The Hanged Man In TarotThe card which follows in the position of ‘what could poison us’ came up as the King Of Wands Reversed. When it comes to love it warns of being in a relationship with someone who is very demanding and controlling who does not have your best interests at heart. This entire reading has quite a masculine feel to it and with the Hanged Man Reversed suggests that one thing to keep in mind is to ensure you are not sacrificing yourself for someone who will not treat you with respect. If you are dealing with a strong person who has leadership qualities, ensure they are exhibiting the positive aspects of The Emperor where a healthy balance of power between you nourishes you and the over all relationship.

The Hanged Man reversed can also indicate that giving too much attention to someone you want who is not paying you back equal attention is resulting in your choice to put your life on hold. If you feel you are not receiving what it is you want from someone, the best thing you can do is to put your time and energy and attention elsewhere. If this person does not then come running after you without you having to do anything, then that is your sign that you will likely be better off with someone else or on your own. You should not have to push to get your needs met. Aim to command respect instead by being confident to be on your own if they are not pulling their weight in a relationship.

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