The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning-How To Apply It.

The Emperor Tarot card meaning can be related to traditional structures such as powerful organisations like the military, governments, powerful corporations, certain traditional societies, legal systems, universities and other long established places where a paternal energy reigns. The Emperor can also suggest the need for structure and stability in your life and a time for making logical decisions based on the head rather than the heart.

The Emperor He brings a certain clarity to problem solving and reminds us to be grounded in our approach. When he makes a plan after gathering all the data, he sticks to it and sees it though to the end. He can help you be assertive and decisive with your path forward and take an emotional charge off of the problem you are trying to solve.

How to use The Emperor Energy.

When you draw this card, use its energy to your advantage. Perhaps you have some difficult decisions to make and are feeling overwhelmed with emotion and clouded as to which way you should go. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the Emperor when he is present in your reading.

  1. Make a list of of all the obstacles you feel you are currently facing. Literally write them down so you can begin the process of organising your thoughts and actions.
  2. Ask yourself which structures in society may be able to come to your aid when sorting out these obstacles? Do you need some legal advice? Would it be best to get some formal education at a university or similar place of education to move forward? What government assistance may be available to you? Or, simply ask, what solid structure do you need to implement in your own life so that it may run more smoothly? Perhaps you need a better routine? A regular daily exercise plan? Different work hours? A new job which helps to provide more structure in your life?
  3. After you have written down the answers to the above questions which relate to you, start writing a list of all the possible actions you could take with each obstacle and related structure in mind.
  4. Decide which are the top three priorities and then begin immediately to work on the first priority as soon as possible to build some momentum.

What if you dislike structure?

As much as some people want to believe they are free spirits and want nothing to do with the above mentioned structures or something that can be likened to something that appears rigid, structures are just an inevitable part of life. We drive on roads that are funded by the government, we pay taxes, many professions require a person to undertake higher education before they can be employed, our biology functions best when we have structure in our daily routines. We are most free when we accept that structures are here to stay and to use them to our advantage at the same time as not getting too caught up in their inflexibility.

Want to integrate your mind and body so you can truly ‘live the way of the Tarot’?

Tarot cards can be an internal navigation system in your life where you draw on the archetypes that show up in the cards that you pick up during a reading. They are like pockets of energy around you that you bring to light when you lay them out in front of you. They help you become aware of these pockets of energy so that you may use them to your advantage and avoid certain pitfall that may be showing along the way. 

For Tarot card meanings and meditations, check out the Mind Body Tarot YouTube channel here.

6 thoughts on “The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning-How To Apply It.”

  1. Hi Liz, thanks for the great explanation. The emperor card seems to appear when I want to know about my career, so it makes sense!

    How should I interpret it when I try to learn love life and if the Emperor comes up? Would it be someone who is at a powerful position?

    It may not be a question for this particular page, but should I read it differently if the card is in reverse / upside down position?

    1. Hi Ray! Thanks for your comment. I also often find the Emperor appears when I am asking about career issues as well. In terms of the Emperor appearing in relation to love life it depends on whether or not you are looking at more than one card at a time and the position of the card in the spread. But it could mean a couple of things-it may well be referring to someone who is in a position of power, or it could mean you will meet someone within a powerful organisation. There are other interpretations that could be considered as well but would depend on other factors of the spread.

      In terms of reversed cards-many people have a different interpretation of this, and I think at the end of the day you have to work with a system that feels right for you. Some suggest that reversed cards a symbolic if internal energy not yet expressed in the world but the energy is still present where is an upright card is external energy that is expressing itself. I feel this is the easiest way to interpret reversed cards rather than thinking it means something completely different. But depends which method of teaching you go with! I try mostly to get out of my head after looking at the cards and go with a gut feeling as the cards are only a tool to highlight what is already in your unconscious mind.

  2. Taking A Leap Of Faith

    The Emperor card means making decisions with your head not your heart. Gathering all the data and using that and to make your decision instead of letting your emotions get the better of you and running around and just doing whatever comes to mind at the time. If you draw this card you may have some difficult decisions to make. Make a list of the obstacles you see that are in your way. Figure out what you need to do to overcome these obstacles, even if it means seeking the help of others, trying new things, or thinking outside the box. Work on the top three priorities first.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yep! That is all pretty much what I was saying. Happy we have the same idea about this. 🙂

  3. I never understood the full meaning behind this tarot card! I’m glad you have a page dedicated to it, to help explain the meaning! Thank you for providing such an explanation… I’ll be checking out your other pages as well since I never really understood what each card meant. Do you have other pages along the same guidelines?

    1. Thanks for your comment and glad I was able to provide some clarity for you about The Emperor card meaning. I find it is easier to apply the card meanings to your own regular life examples and provide an exercise around them to really integrate the meanings into your mind and body. Once I write a blog post about each card, I will turn that into a separate drop down menu so it is easier for people to navigate.

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