The Empress Tarot CardThe Empress Tarot card represents elements in life such as mothering, abundance, the senses and nature. The energy of the card encourages you to strengthen your connection to the abundance of things in the natural world and spend time enjoying sensual pleasures. Being in touch with your body and how you create joy and energy around you is indicated with this card. Here are 5 ways you can bring the Empress energy into your life and make the most of simple pleasures for your mental and emotional well being.

Appreciate your physical body.

Your physical body is the vehicle that gets you around in life and if neglected can leave you feeling depleted, depressed and low in inspiration and vitality. Regardless of what malady you might be suffering from, there are some fundamental things you should be doing to take care of your body.

The Empress Tarot CardEat well. Nourish your body with good food. Exercise it and make sure you have quality rest. Stretch and strengthen it and delight in your physical capabilities. Be grateful for what your body can do rather than focusing on what you are unhappy about your body.

Ideas for taking care of the body.

Have a daily routine. Plan your meals for a week in advance. Write shopping lists and stick to them. Spend some money to get a massage. Meditate. Have a long hot bath. Get a facial or pedicure. Drink green smoothies daily. Have a regular time you go to sleep and wake up. Try and sync your body clock to the natural earth rhythms of night and day.

Plan a day in nature.

Get out of your usual living environment and go somewhere more secluded that is surrounded with natural beauty for a day or more. Be sure to disconnect from electronics if possible so you can be more grounded and present in the moment and not distracted by emails, text messages, social media or anything related. Slow down and sense the earth.

The Empress Tarot CardNurturing others.

The Empress can sometimes symbolize motherhood in all its forms whether that be in relation to actual mothering or to a mother figure. Spending selfless time caring for children or others who need care is another way you can bring the energy of this tarot card into your life.

Being grateful.

The Empress card is also a card of plenty. She symbolizes the abundance of the earth, of money or luxuries or general feelings of having more than enough of something within your life, and experiencing gratitude for that. Gratitude can be enhanced in the following ways:

Keep a gratitude journal– write down three things you are grateful for each day and why.  Spending a minute consciously experiencing the feeling of gratitude for these things will literally over time rewire your brain to notice more of what is good in your life rather than what is not.

The Empress Tarot CardExpress verbal appreciation to at least one person a day in a conscious way. Find a way to privately track what or who you have consciously expressed gratitude to.

Notice one thing per hour of every waking hour of your day that is right or good in your life. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to find something.


What ways do you bring the Empress Tarot card energy into your life? Feel free to comment below and let me know!