The fool in tarot

The Fool In Tarot

The fool in tarotThe Fool in Tarot represents new beginnings, spontaneity, faith that things will work out and not taking yourself too seriously. This card can either appear at the beginning of the Tarot deck, or at the end, as it is numbered 0 which represents pure potentiality. He is a central piece to the entire deck because he is symbolic of our journey through life and all the lessons we will learn along the way from the other 77 cards in the deck.

When we are born into the world, we descend from what some would consider pure energy. We have not yet taken on the burdens of the lessons the physical world has to offer, and our spirit is still infused with absolute trust that all is well.

However, because spirit is all light and no darkness it wants to know itself and needs the experience of duality which life on planet earth provides. We cannot know light without darkness, and we cannot know joy without sorrow. The Fool has complete faith that he is in the right place at the right time and is unconcerned about which path or course of action he needs to follow because to him, everything is an open book of adventure and he delights in the moment. Yet, he yearns for breadth of experience and the contrast that experience provides and decides to take the leap of faith to go into a journey of the unknown.

What The Fool means in a reading.

The Fool can represent that urge within you to create something new. It is that moment when a new idea springs into your mind and it feels good to you. You are inspired to run with the idea and see where it might go. You decide to take a leap of faith and throw yourself into it, completely unaware that you are going to come up with some inevitable challenges along the way which could potentially stop you in your tracks and cause you to want to turn around and go back into the ignorance of The Fool. However, if you are prepared to learn the lessons the Fool comes up against, the reward far out weighs any temporary pain you may feel in the journey to the realisation of the goal from the fresh new idea that started you off in the new direction to begin with.

Symbolism of the Card:

The white rose The Fool is holding is symbolic of purity and freedom from earthly desires that can lead to enslavement.

The white dog symbolizes protection while The Fool takes his journey into self realisation towards The World (the final card in the Tarot deck) which is symbolic of attainment, accomplishment and fulfillment.

The mountains in the background are symbolic of the realms of spirit he has just left to descend into a material existence on earth and the rising sun is symbolic of a new day or new beginning.

Life Situations where The Fool is relevant:

  • It is the beginning of a new year. Your mind is focused on how the coming year will be different to the last. You are caught up in the New Year’s Resolutions everyone is telling you about, and you feel like you want some of your own, so you make some!
  • You’ve been grappling with a problem for a while and can’t seem to find a resolution in your mind. You decide to let it go for a while and turn your mind onto other things. As soon as you let go of worrying about it or over thinking things for a while, a fresh idea comes into your head and provides you with a solution to the ‘problem’ you want. This is where the pure energy of The Fool resides-he lets go and trusts that things will work out, and when he can be in this state of mind, this is where life can flow with more ease.
  • You are happy for no particular reason. You feel light hearted and go about your day in a sense of flow and gratitude. You feel protected and loved and that the universe is abundant in all ways.
  • You want to pursue a life direction that many would consider ‘foolish’, yet you know in your heart it is the right path for you, so you decide to take a leap of faith and ‘jump’ into it.
  • You trust your intuition even when it seems like it is leading you somewhere off the beaten track, yet you know you must follow the ‘instructions’ you are being given.

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8 thoughts on “The Fool In Tarot”

  1. Hey Liz, this is some great information on the symbolism of tarot.
    I’ve always been interested in psychic readings because my grandmother used to predict my future all of the time and it was very helpful. I have always associated the fool with freedom in naivety that was beautiful in a sort of way. He finds a way to enjoy life even in the harshest moments.

    1. SO true Anthony! I think freedom in naivety is a great way to explain the meaning of The Fool. In one way, this is a state we want to return to over and over to keep moving forward in life because we are unhindered psychologically in order to take risks and have different experiences.

  2. My daughter loves Tarot cards and numerology. The thorough explanation of the meaning of the Fool is wonderful and insightful. I think it is most appropriate for the New Year and the symbolism it represents. I hope you continue with more descriptions of the various cards. I will share this with my daughter and bookmark your sight for future reference!

  3. Hi Linda, thanks for your comment! Yes I will be continuing to with more descriptions of each Tarot card until I have covered the entire deck. Think I am about half way through the 78 cards now. 🙂

  4. Hello Liz,

    Can we say that The Fool In Tarot is free from influences? Influences which could be either in both from lightness and darkness? Having said that, it is indeed pure energy which does not have sins. I wonder if we put infants and the children in this context?

  5. I found the information that is on this site to be very interesting, i have a great interest in the Tarot cards and love to get a reading every so often. It is very good to give information on the cards , i found the information on the fool card to be brilliant reading.

    With the Fool card meaning with the urge to create something new, new beginnings .

    Thank you liz for a very interesting read into the world of Tarot card reading

  6. Hi ,found your information really interesting, I thought the fool card wasn’t a very good one until reading this. I’m one of these people who like to get a reading once or twice a year, so your description of the fool will certainly help me understand it better if it ever comes up for me.Thanks again Cheers Joanne

    1. Hi Joanne! Glad I could help expand your understanding of The Fool card. It is one of my favourite cards! 🙂

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