The fool in tarotThe Fool in Tarot is the first of the Major arcana cards in the Tarot deck and is numbered as a zero rather than a one because it represents the realm of pure potentiality rather than physical manifestation. It is the start of a journey; the inspired thought; the faith that things will work out. This post will detail why this card represents an important archetype to keep in mind about our approach to life and how, according to Chinese medicine, lack of inspiration and care free abandon link to certain health challenges.

About The Fool

In the Rider Waite Tarot deck we see a figure standing at the edge of a mountain gazing up to the sky. It is like he is receiving inspiration from the heavens or celestial realms that enters his consciousness. He has a white dog by his side symbolising loyalty such as being loyal to your authentic self. The white rose in his left hand symbolises purity. 

In energy work, the white rose can represent energetic protection to be able to have clear boundaries between you and others which enables you to stay true to yourself and not be impeded by others agendas or confuse your identity with another persons life journey. This is YOUR journey to take and your journey is unique.

You can also see that he is amongst the mountains which is symbolic of receiving inspiration from the highest terrains on earth. He carries a bag across his shoulder indicating he is traveling light and is not bogged down by the material world which would hinder his journey. Inside his bag are the tools and essentials he will need on his journey and nothing more.

When you have disconnected from the positive energy of The Fool

The Fool basically represents your ability to feel inspired about your life and take on directions without fear about whether or not it will work out. In Chinese medicine, inspiration is linked to the lungs and the metal element.  When we are inspired (inhale) we take in life and feel energized-then we exhale and release our ideas or energy back to the environment. When we are not inspired, our life is stagnant and we have trouble going wth the flow and feeling as if we have momentum. 

Health implications for lack of inspiration

If you are not feeling inspired and lacking a certain carefree abandon as a general rule of thumb in your life, you could suffer from conditions related to the lungs or large intestine. The body and mind to a large degree are an indicator of where we are at with our soul. The ability to feel inspired is so crucial to our over all wellbeing. We take a breath in and infuse our body with fresh oxygen. We exhale and eliminate stagnant air. We ‘take in’ food and therefore nutrients and eliminate waste from our large intestine. This is how the lungs and large intestine are related in Chinese medicine, as well as the element of ‘metal’. 

Metal can only be created by a process of ‘alchemy’. The food we take in is transformed to provide us with nutrients. The Oxygen we breath in is transformed into carbon dioxide. Both of these processes are a form of alchemy or transformation from one state to another.

Other ways you can know you are stagnant in your life are:

  • You feel stuck in a situation you dislike and have been there for quite some time not knowing how to move forward.
  • You don’t feel motivated to do anything
  • You feel depressed
  • You have all these ideas for projects and things you want to do, but stagnation and procrastination holds you back from getting any of them off the ground (for example, you feel inspired, but are not able to ‘expire’ them into the environment
  • You feel like life is meaningless
  • You feel like you are lacking purpose.
  • You lack physical energy

How to overcome lack of inspiration and stagnation

One of the first ways to overcome stagnation and lack of inspiration is to simply move your body and practice energy medicine techniques such as yoga, qigong or Tai Chi. Moving your body helps the energy flow around your body and therefore can help to unblock stuck emotions, thoughts and feelings. 

Building physical fitness will enhance your confidence and belief in yourself and alleviate stress. If you are wanting to embrace the true energy of The Fool then your physiology is the best place to start in order to embody the positive energy of this card.

If after taking the first steps to build up your physical fitness you are still finding yourself in a slump, you may need to dump a load of mental clutter from your psyche and subconscious which you have taken on throughout your life. This is where energy modalities can come in handy such as EFT, matrix re-imprinting and aromatherapy or any modality which works with the energy centres of the body such as the Chinese meridians and the chakras.

21st Century Technology

There are also a number of new technologies out there that can detect the human bio- field which has been shown to directly impact thoughts, feelings and physiology. You can get various assessments to discover which areas of your body field are not flowing as they should, and learn what you can do to correct them. This will bring you back into a more optimum state of being where you feel energised to act on the inspirations that come through to you, and achieve a greater sense of wellbeing and ultimately physical health.

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