the hierophant in tarotThe month of February 2019 brings the Hierophant in tarot into focus. This is because when we look at the numerology of the month (02 +2019) it reduces down to the number 5, and the Hierophant is the 5th card in the major arcana of the tarot deck. I will also explore the 5 of pentacles in tarot because when it comes to the astrological signs, the Hierophant in tarot links to the earth sign of Taurus, and pentacles link to the element of earth in the minor arcana. Feel free to watch the video or continue reading underneath the video.


The Hierophant relates to spirituality, belief systems, traditions, religion and higher guidance. When you look at the card you see that a religious figure sits between two pillars of a sacred temple, with two fingers pointing up and two fingers pointing down. This is symbolic of linking the heavens or celestial bodies to the earth. In his left hand he holds the Papal Cross, a triple sceptre that signifies his religious status. He wears three robes – red, blue and white – and a three-tiered crown, both representing the three worlds over which he rules. These three worlds are symbolic of the trinity such as the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, or the Mind, Body and Soul, or the Conscious, Subconscious and Super Conscious, and so on. There are many examples of the trinity and it depends on what your belief systems are in terms of which one you relate to.

The two people at his feet are being initiated into the next level within their establishment and the role of the Hierophant is to guide them with wisdom. At his feet are two keys which represent the conscious and the subconscious mind of which the Hierophant must enlighten those being initiated to embrace the balance between the two states of consciousness.

Basic Card Meaning

Spiritual guidance, learning from a mentor, graduation, taking advice from those who have gone before you, seeking inspiration from higher realms, learning in traditional settings which are tried and tested over time and sticking to the rules. Or, when the card is reversed, it can relate to wanting to go against the rules, finding your own way in order to be unique and different, rebelling against establishment, being ‘anti government’ and being in protest.

Personal Relevance This Month

The number 5 in numerology is a number of conflict, but can also be a number of freedom. It represents finding our freedom through discipline. We often feel we want more freedom in life and not want to undertake the tasks that seem boring and mundane, and yet most of the time the very act of doing these things in consistent ways lead us to experience more freedom. For example, we might be dreaming of having a successful business, but not willing to dedicate a small amount of time each day on a consistent basis to steadily work our way up to what we want. We might want a fit and healthy body, but not actually take daily actions to fulfill our desire of having the health and fitness we want. Therefore, freedom and discipline go hand in hand.

In the case of the Heirophant which relates to our inner world, this month may be an ideal time to recommit to the personal or spiritual rituals which you know bring you a sense of letting go, or feeling free from the inside out. This may be a regular meditation practice, a gratitude journal, morning prayer, yoga or whatever it is that helps you feel both your physical and spiritual worlds (or emotional world if you tend to dislike the word ‘spiritual’) are in balance. It may also be a good month to seek out a mentor to guide you in an area of expertise you would like to adopt into your life.

Marisa Peer

The 5 of Pentacles

5 of pentacles in tarotThis card has a similar feel to the Hierophant as the scene takes place outside what looks like a church, except rather than being initiated, the two people seem sick and weak and out in the cold. The 5 of Pentacles relates to being disconnected from our spiritual self, which could take the form of not listening to our wiser, intuitive self. This can lead to many consequences such as poor health, financial struggles and loss of life direction. The combination of the Hierophant and the 5 of Pentacles indicates that this month is very important to consider the more esoteric parts of ourselves and the world at large in order to receive the guidance we are seeking for our life journey.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What gives me a sense of spiritual/emotional peace leading me to more wisdom?
  • Who or what do I turn to in moments of crisis or despair?
  • How can I listen to my higher/ wiser self more?
  • Where might I be experiencing an ‘initiation’ in my life?
  • Where might I be skipping out on embracing discipline in order to find more freedom?

Relevance To World Events

Speaking of being ‘anti-establishment, I dived into the world of Flat Earth this week purely because I wanted to understand why it is that this growing movement is gaining so much traction and has seemingly intelligent people hell-bent on the earth being flat. What I discovered is that the psychology of these people is that they not only believe the earth is flat, but also generally believe a lot of other conspiracy theories and have zero trust for government, corporations and established scientific organisations. They think we have been lied to due to a sinister agenda of the financial elite, otherwise known as The Illuminati. They think that one of the reasons we have been lied to about the earth being flat is because it is an agenda to keep us knowing our own true power and close to the Creative Force that is responsible for All That Is. This strongly relates to the tarot meaning of the Hierophant in its reversed position: rebellion against the status quo, seeking unique spiritual perspectives, distrust of religious organisations as well as well-established scientific doctrines.

Other events

There is a growing trust issue around the world with large corporations, banking sectors, politicians and major media outlets. I feel that because of the growing discrepancies between the ‘have have-not’s’ it brings up trust issues for many people. I also feel it was the very reason president Trump was elected-so many people were sick and tired of the status quo and desperate for change. In an article in the Standford Social Innovation Review, it stated:

“Plummeting public trust is sweeping the globe. It is infecting relations among people, between people and their governments, and between people and a range of societal institutions. We sense this erosion of trust in social media and domestic politics, in our communities, and even at our dinner tables. Distrust infuses public rhetoric and political debates, obstructing action in the public interest. Together, this cumulative distrust is undermining the ability of social institutions to function and serve the people they are intended to benefit. And if researchers are correct that trust is easier to destroy than construct, the consequences of today’s trust deficit could haunt societies around the world for many years to come.”

Number 5: Numerology Meaning

The vibration of number 5 and its relation to bubbling conflict is highlighted this month as another potential government shutdown in the US looms, of which if it occurs, will lead to a lot more chaos and conflict within the country, and perhaps the world at large. How can we overcome this? By allowing ourselves to be guided by higher principles such as the example of the meaning of the Hierophant. We need to feel our innate divinity both individually and collectively if we are to make progress within humanity. We need to learn from history and past mistakes and not repeat them. We need to trust that there are people and organisations in the world that actually know what they are talking about (think mentorship) and therefore we should listen. We need to find ways to fuse what seems like polar opposites and duality with something that connects us more deeply. The country of Venezuela is an example of what can happen when leaders do not take counsel from the surrounding expertise. The late President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez acted in a rebellious anti-establishment way and the result was the complete collapse of the country. This ….”should serve as a warning about two equally megalomaniacal leaders, Donald Trump and Narendra Modi, who have also triggered crises by refusing the counsel of experts.” (source below)

So how will you use the wisdom of the Hierophant in tarot archetype in your life this month? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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