The High Priestess in TarotThe picture in the card.

When we look at the High Priestess in Tarot we see a women sitting on a throne with a scroll of knowledge in her hand. She sits between black and white pillars which represent the balance of the feminine and masculine, light and darkness, as well as symbolizing a guard to the unconscious mind. She is the gatekeeper to higher knowledge and not all that pass her are permitted to enter. Through dreams and intuition, she offers us inspiration and the ability to go beyond our everyday problems and concerns.  She is linked to the mysteries of the moon and deep intuitive knowledge.

Practical applications.

When you draw this card in your readings, it is time to face some unconscious energy you have rumbling in the background of your life. This unconscious energy could be anything from blocks that hold you back, secret fears you have not fully acknowledged, or denying a greater personal power that you have yet to tap into.

Some possible actions related to this card.

Nonaction-The High Priestess is less a ‘doing’ card and more a card of ‘allowing’. She in no way relies on logic and hard and fast decisions such as the Queen of Swords does.  She challenges you to let go of the reigns a little and let life unfold in its own way for a while.

Unconscious Awareness-In order to bring the unconscious aspects of your mind to the surface, now might be a good time to tap into your dreams at night and keep a dream journal. Carl Jung used dream work with his patients and worked with the symbolism that was contained within their dreams to help them move forward from their current position in life. By acknowledging the symbolism within their dreams it unlocked their subconscious mind to reveal a hidden self knowledge which resulted in them being empowered to make better decisions.

The High Priestess In TarotPotential-The High Priestess can also indicate you have a well of potential within you around a certain subject or area in your life that you have not yet tapped into. But the key to tapping into this potential is not to put more effort into a situation, but to step back a little and look at the bigger picture. This will result in more awareness in time, and will help you move forward effortlessly. It can also simply mean a waiting game to play while the mystery subsides which will reveal more information about an area of life you are wondering about. Sometimes our ‘non’ action is the best approach-a ‘let go and let god’ attitude-a release of resistance.

Questions to ask yourself when draw this card.

  • What areas of your life are you feeling the most struggle and resistance? These are the areas which often hold the most blocked unconscious energy.
  • What kind of dreams are you having lately? Are any reoccuring?
  • Have you considered some hypnotherapy sessions in order to have more access to your unconscious mind which will help you make more empowered decisions and free up some creativity?
  • Have you considered studying some form of higher knowledge such as religious texts, buddhist beliefs or the Kabbalah or some other knowledge you are drawn to in order to help you access your deeper wisdom?
  • Have you considered keeping a stream of consciousness journal where you sit down and just write whatever comes to mind first thing in the morning in order to empty your mind of chatter and get to the heart of your thoughts?

There are many ways to access the unconscious mind, and daily meditation is one way to do this without it feeling like you have to exert too much energy.

Want to listen to a guided meditation on the High Priestess? Click the video below:

What ways do you like to use to uncover hidden knowledge about yourself in order to move forward in life? Feel free to comment below because I would love to know!

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