The Kasina Mind Media SystemYou don’t have to be a monk who has isolated themselves for years in the mountains to reap the huge benefits of meditation-especially in this age of technical revolution. In this post I will review the Kasina Mind Media Meditation System where I will cover the costs, time involved each day, the science behind it, who would benefit the most, and who should NOT get this system, and more. If you are considering buying this system, you are in the right place. I am an avid meditator and I also love using the benefit of technology to speed up my results!

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The science behind this system

It is a well-established scientific fact that sound and light affect our biology and all living things on the earth. Without light, not much would grow, our moods and circadian rhythms would decline and the earth would not be a sustainable place to live. Also, sound is part of our life from the very second we are conceived-from the internal sounds of our mothers body such as her heart, to the pumping of blood and more. The earth itself has a resonate frequency of around 7.8Hz and beyond. Interestingly, this is also the resonate frequency of the human hearts electromagnetic field when it is in a calm and rested state.

Benefit of using sound and light for meditation

The Kasina Mind Media SystemSound and light has the ability to both soothe and excite and change our brainwave patterns which, when measured with an EEG, can indicate what mental state we are in. In order to experience more joy, health and well being we would ideally be training our mind and body to get into what is known as more coherent states where our nervous system is not fighting itself, but rather, working as one smooth team. This is where the benefits of the Kasina Mind Media Meditation System come into play, as not only can we get experience the soothing pulses embedded in the calming music, but also the synchronised light stimulation to enhance the response from our nervous system. It utilises two of the primal factors to all existence in life: sound and light. It embeds the favourable frequencies to help our mind and body achieve maximum relaxation and enhanced creativity.

Benefits of meditation

Research has confirmed the following benefits of meditation:

  • stress reduction
  • decreased anxiety
  • decreased depression
  • reduction in pain (both physical and psychological)
  • improved memory
  • increased efficiency
  • reduced blood pressure, lactate, cortisol and epinephrine (the stress hormones)
  • decreased metabolism
  • breathing patterns affected
  • oxygen utilization better
  • Co2 elimination
  • more blood flow to the brain
  • inceases efficiency in the centers of the brain that are responsible for attention
  • increased EEG coherence
  • inceased gray matter
  • decreased aging
  • And More!


The Kasina Mind Media system can help you have all those benefits, faster. Ah! the usefulness of advancing technology.

Who is this system for?

The Kasina Mind Media SystemThe Kasina Mind Media Meditation System is for people who want the quickest results that meditation can bring. It is for beginners and advanced meditators who want to take their meditation to the next level, or want to change up their meditation routine. It is also for:

  • gaining more energy
  • enhancing peak performance
  • experiencing drug free altered states of consciousness
  • people who suffer from insomnia
  • people who suffer from depression

Who is it NOT for?

Unfortunately this system is not for anyone who suffers from epilepsy, or people who are very sensitive to sound and light

Who should be careful?

People who have a known psychiatric condition should seek out advice from their doctor.

How do you use it?

Once you have set up your device, select the session you would like to do depending on your needs, put on the ear buds, put on the glasses and sit back and relax for 15-30 minutes.

What people are saying

I looked around the web for a variety of peoples experience with this product. I do find the price a little on the high side, so I can understand if you are cautious before you purchase this device. I have had firsthand experience with devices like this and know that they work. Once I had a session with a guy who had an EEG machine where he hooked me up to it and looked at my brain waves before a sound and light session, and then after, and there was most definitely a positive difference in that my brain waves were displaying more alpha waves which are associated with a relaxed coherent nervous system after the session. Some experiences other people have reported having while using this device are:

  • pleasant tingling all over the body
  • deep relaxation
  • enhanced lucid dreaming
  • ability to remain more in the present moment
  • reduced physical pain
  • reduced tinnitus
  • people seem to really love the vivid light display with geometric shapes.



Where to Purchase:

The Mind Place.

In the box:

  • Quickstart Guide
  • Kasina Console
  • Kasina Ganzframes Multi-Color eyewear
  • Ear-bud Style Headphones
  • USB Cable Power Supply
  • Stereo Patch Cable
  • MicroSD card with SD Adapter
  • Soft Carry Case

Money back guarantee?

Could not find any.


Yes-2 years.

Average time of meditation sessions:

15-30 minutes depending on which session you choose and what you want to achieve out of the session.

Information video:

Do they have good support?

Yes they do. I checked out their forum, and it is still very much active in 2019.

Click Here To Purchase It Now.

Would I recommend this product?

I have read a lot about biophysics and the benefits of sound and light over the years, so I can definitely say this product is well worth buying and experiencing. If you are a lazy meditator (meaning you don’t really want to invest time in learning techniques and would rather be taken on a journey), this device is definitely for you. However, if you are an experienced meditator and want something to add to all your meditation techniques, I would also recommend this device.

Are there any other devices from this company that are less expensive?

Yes there are. You can also check out other products which range from $169-$299. Click here to learn more.

Do you think you can get better results with meditation by using this product? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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