TThe Lovers in Tarothe month of March 2019 brings The Lovers in Tarot into focus. This is because when we look at the numerology of the month ( 03 + 2019) we get 15, then we break this down further to 6 (1+5=6), and The Lovers is the 6th major Arcana card in tarot. It is also worth mentioning that The Devil card has some influence this month, as number 15 correlates to the Devil in tarot. This makes for a potentially explosive month, as we have ventured into the deep feelings of Pisces and the ruling planet of Neptune, and confronting our deepest held values and choices which relates to the meaning of The Lovers in tarot, as well as the temptations and darker aspects of the Devil card. Not only that, as we move into the end of March, the Sun enters into Aries, ruled by the planet Mars-the planet of war.

Fun Facts:

In Ancient Rome, the Month of March was actually celebrated as the first month of the year and it is said that the month was named after Mars, the Roman god of war. Is it therefore no coincidence that many wars have started in the month of March, such as the 2003 war in Iraq, and according to this source:

With the exception of the War on Afghanistan (October 2001) and the 1990-91 Gulf War, all major US-NATO and allied led military operations over a period of more than half a century –since the invasion of Vietnam by US ground forces on March 8, 1965– have been initiated in the month of March.



The Lovers In Tarot

The Lovers in Tarot relates to intimate relationships, as well as defining who we are in relation to another. Given that The Devil card has some influence over us this month, if you have found yourself in somewhat of a toxic romantic relationship, this will be the month when it comes to a head. The illusions and influence of Neptune may challenge you and your choices and highest held values and beliefs about yourself and the world at large. It will be tempting to give into the potent energy of The Devil and go right ahead and have that fling or affair you’ve been contemplating, but you may just be setting yourself up for a big internal conflict which will come around and bite you later. There is intensity and drama in the air this month, and you may be better to keep a cool head as much as possible.

Who Are You?

The Lovers card does not only relate to sexual and intimate relationships-it also prompts us to look at who we are in relationship to other people who may be on a platonic basis and other things. So, whether it is about a relationship to a specific person or to a job or situation, there is an opportunity to learn more about yourself this month and what it is you want and desire to experience on a deeper level. You may find that you are questioning yourself more or questioning others because you are looking to find more meaning in terms of what you believe, what drives you to do what you do and what you feel is important. You may be facing a choice of some kind, and the ramifications of this choice are rather large (Eg the story of Adam and Eve being tempted to eat the fruit resulting in the ‘fall of man’…..No pressure!)

Seeking Guidance From The Spiritual Realm

When you look at the Lovers in tarot you see a man and a woman standing naked. The woman is looking to what could be described as an angel, and the man is looking to the woman. To the left of the woman you see a tree which is symbolic of the Garden of Eden, with a snake coiling around its trunk. This is symbolic of Kundalini rising and the burning bush to the right just behind the man is symbolic of the flames of passion and desire. The woman seems to be taking inspiration from a higher realm and a source of light. She is guided by her intuition and this allows for energy to rise within her.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Where might I not be allowing to receive insight and guidance about my most important relationships?
  • Where might I be allowing my ego to dictate my actions and thoughts rather than what my heart is receiving?

The Devil

The Devil Card in TarotIronically, the card of The Lovers has some similarities to that of the Devil card, yet this time the man and woman stand enslaved in chains-not with an Angel behind them, but a satanic looking creature-some kind of ‘fallen angel’. This month may be a time to truly clean up your bad habits, your guilty pleasures which may not be serving you and the choices you are making which deep down you KNOW are not serving you. It is the activities you partake in which may give you instant gratification of some kind, but are actually draining your energy in the bigger picture. It is not so much that your choices are wrong, but more that you know you could be living in a higher vibration and feeling happier for choices that support you more.

A note on last months reading: World News

The month of February was highlighted by the Hierophant. In the reading I talked about how people who question establishment are gaining in numbers around the world. What a grand blow for the establishment that took place at the end of the month when a true symbol of The Hierophant (cardinal George Pell) was convicted for child sexual assault. George Pell AC is an Australian prelate of the Catholic Church and the church’s most senior official to be convicted of such a crime. It is no wonder there is so much anti establishment surfacing when huge news stories like this come out. I believe we will hear a lot more along the lines of these kinds of exposures on corruption and misconduct and abuse of power as the year continues on.