Page of Cups reversed in Tarot

The Page Of Cups Reversed-Personality Traits

Page Of Cups Reversed-Personality Traits.Have you ever been around someone who constantly has outbursts over what seems like the smallest things? Do you get derailed half way through a conversation that would normally be an easy topic to discuss with most people, but with one particular person the conversation ends up feeling like someone flew off the handle without warning? In Tarot, these are the personality traits of the Page Of Cups Reversed.

Other characteristics include:

  1. Someone who is easily depressed.
  2. Someone who uses drugs and alcohol to help them escape reality to the extent that it is an addiction for them.
  3. Someone who may spend a lot of time playing video games in order to get a rush of endorphins from virtual reality in order to feel somewhat normal or relaxed.
  4. Any adult who regularly has child like tantrums over things that seem disproportionate to the topic at hand.
  5. Someone who has a very weak resolve at the smallest show of adversity who cannot keep their emotions together.
  6. Someone who has trouble maintaining healthy relationships because he expects too much of others and gives little himself.
  7. Someone who is insecure who has a lacks self love and self regard, and leaves a trail of disorder around them.
  8. They may be emotionally abusive and temperamental, and therefore are difficult to have smooth flowing discussions with.

So how do we handle this personality type?

If you are around an individual like this on a regular basis and finding them upsetting to deal with or you constantly feel frustration about your communications with them, it is possible you are viewing them through a lens of your own blocked creativity. The key to know if this is the case is when this kind of personality bothers you to the point your own emotions get turbulent and derailed. They can actually be representing a shadow side of your personality-the unhealed parts of you that get easily triggered. So, even though you predominately don’t display the typical traits of a person who is representative of the Page of Cups Reversed, part of your psyche or soul may be wounded and you are unconsciously seeking healing through your interactions with this person.

A step by step guide towards healing.

First of all, know that you cannot control any single persons behaviour. To try and do so is a waste of precious creative resources. The only thing you can control is your reactions. This is not what anyone wants to hear when they feel they are hurting from relationship troubles. You don’t have to be a doormat to anyone who has these personality traits, but one of the best things you can do is learn how to lessen the emotional charge within you from your reactions to this person. When you are coming from a place of reaction, it only makes things worse.

Guided meditation and visualisation is key.

lightGiven that it is often so hard to talk to a person to try and work certain arguments out who has a tendency towards this Tarot card personality trait, one of the most healing and calming things to do is to work with the energy of the situation instead. If you are open enough to consider the quantum physics theories that suggest our thoughts and feelings affect physical matter, then a daily guided meditation for as little as 5 minutes can be life changing for you. Here is a short practice you can try to take the emotional charge off the situation at hand for you. Approach this practice with an experimental approach and notice if over time, your interactions with this person get easier.

  1. Close your eyes and focus for a few moments on your breath. Relax all the muscles in your body.
  2. Bring to mind the person you are having difficulties with. Picture yourself directly in front of them.
  3. Feel the hurt/anger/frustration or whatever it is you feel about your interactions with them, and imagine these negative emotions leaving your body like black balloons floating off into the air.
  4. As the balloons get higher and higher, a bright light is bursting them with it’s brilliant intensity.
  5. Continue this visualisation until you feel some kind of shift or relief from these negative emotions.
  6. Once you feel some relief, imagine a healing white light shooting down into your body and into the spaces where these black balloons left your body. See the light filling up your entire body and going beyond your body and creating a healing bubble of light around you.

Try this meditation with some music you find soothing to help your concentration and focus. The purpose of the above short meditation is not to try and change anything about the other person, it is all about taking the charge off of your own emotions around the interactions with this person so you can see the situation more clearly and not be hurt or upset by it. This will give you inner power.

Looking for some music that will help with this meditation? Click here to learn about some meditation music that will help your brain enter into a meditative state faster than what it would without music.


6 thoughts on “The Page Of Cups Reversed-Personality Traits”

  1. I found this article to be a very interesting read! It makes sense…when you get angered (or some similar emotion) by someone else who is acting a certain way, that it is because of something in yourself that you have not made peace with. And, great advice, that healing whatever it is within yourself will help you deal with the emotions when expressed by others! As a firm believer in alternative healing and the importance of positive, balanced energy, I look forward to visiting the rest of your site – I can’t wait to visit the MindValley Academy links you have!!

    1. Thanks for the comment Kari! Glad you like the blog. Mindvalley is awesome! If you are into alternative healing you will love Mindvalley! šŸ™‚

  2. I have a roomate which I’ve already get along for almost 4 years. I’ve really enjoy being with him as had same idealism and interest. But there’s only one thing that I didn’t like when it comes to my roomate, which is a DEBT. Yess, sometimes he asked me to lend me some money and promise me to return it later. I am a kind of person who don’t like to ask for my debt as I feel very awkward about it and I don’t know why I feel like that. Things like this is the one that will ruining a friendship and absolutely need to be avoided

    1. Oooh your room mate sounds like he has some of the negative qualities of the Page of Cups when it comes to being irresponsible with money. One thing you can do is to get clear about your energetic boundaries (see my post With a few practice sessions you may just find your room mate stops asking for money, or you get the confidence and courage to ask for your money back without feeling too awkward about it! Good luck. šŸ™‚

  3. I believe we are all beings of energy, some of us are positively inclined and some negative. Even the most positive of us will find it draining to deal with negative people as you mentioned, especially if they come in a group. Well, people of similar energy tends to attract. I do keep my distance from them or if I have to, to conjure and emotional energy shield to prevent my mind to be affected by them. Yes, MindValley Academy has some really good program. I did one of their Energy Clearance program and since then I become more sensitive to the energy of people and places around me.

    1. Thanks for your comment Kenny. I agree, people with similar energy tend to be attracted to each other. This can be hard to swallow if the person you are struggling with is actually your partner! You swear you are not like them or they are reflecting some kind of unhealed part of yourself, but I think the truth of it all is that they are. I recently did the MindValley Duality course and really loved it. They are my favourite meditation and personal growth company ever!

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