The Six Of Pentacles Tarot Card MeaningThe six of Pentacles Tarot Card meaning is not a card that feels entirely straight forward on first glance. We see what looks like an authority figure or someone of wealth and affluence giving coins to what appear to be beggars on the street. The authority figure is holding scales which is symbolic of Justice and balance of power. First impressions of this card can seem somewhat bleak as we see injustice immediately before us in the obvious divide between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.

How to interpret this card.

First of all, notice your immediate impressions of this card. As with any form of visual art it can bring up our own unrealised subconscious beliefs. For example, if you happen to draw this card more than once in any given week in your readings for yourself, one day you may interpret this card completely differently to the next day based purely on what state of mind you are in. So the meaning of the card for you at that moment (as with any of the cards on any day) will change.

Tarot Justice ScalesPay attention to the symbolism.

We are in the suit of Pentacles, which represent materialism, money practicalities, business, trade, study and career. Over all we are in the Earth element which is more tangible than the suit of Cups (representing the emotions) the suit of Wands (representing movement and energy) and the suit of Swords (representing mental energy).

The divide between the Rich and the Poor.

Also, we have a wealthy person and two poor people. This could represent anything from the upper class and the lower class; the government giving financial assistance to the common person; a giant corporation giving sums of money away to under developed countries. In personal relationships it could indicate an imbalance of power, or where one person is financially reliant on the other. This is where the Justice Scales come into play. Which way is the balance of power tipped in the situation you are asking the Tarot for further clarification about? Are you dependent on someone, or is someone dependent on you?

The 6 of pentacles Tarot Card MeaningNumerology reference.

And finally, take note of the number 6. The number 6 in numerology is symbolic of beauty, harmony, balance, love and domestic stability. At its simplest, the card could just indicate that there is enough for everyone and the circulation of money and wealth is flowing. Or, if the card is reversed, perhaps it is not flowing?

The important thing to consider when interpreting the card is not to think too much. Your first thought about how this card applies to you in your life after you have considered the symbolism is usually what will be most useful to you moving forward.

Questions to ask yourself.

  • What areas need more give and take in your life?
  • Are there areas you feel you are giving or taking too much? How might you restore balance?
  • How do you feel about wealthy people? What unconscious belief systems float up to the surface of your mind when you first look at this card?
  • Do you feel disempowered financially? If so, what can you do today to begin the process of restoring more personal empowerment?
  • Do you feel resistant to giving your money away to a worthy cause? if so, there may be a hidden opportunity to restore some internal balance around money by making a donation to something you believe in.

How do you feel about this card? What comes to mind on first glance? Feel free to comment below and let me know!