When you draw The Star tarot card in your reading it floods the entire reading with positivity. Anything that is showing up as less than positive or a challenge will be helped along with this card, as it represents inspiration and hopefulness for the future. It may also be suggesting you may be going through quite a spiritual time where you feel one with nature or the universe, and things are unfolding in a desirable way for you.

Use the energy of The Star to get ahead.

The Star Tarot Card

If you have been feeling a little stuck lately in your career or in relationships in general, when you draw The Star in your Tarot reading, now is a great time to think about the changes you would like to make, and start making plans as to how you will go about changing what you feel needs to be changed.

The Star Tarot Card can indicate inner healing from past hurts.

Sometimes the Star is exactly what is needed after a long time of pain and suffering in some area of your life. Use the sound of water to relax, or be near a stream or river and allow the earth energy to replenish your soul.

The Star does not mean immediate success.

Given the watery nature of this card, it can be likened to a ship sailing a long distance being guided by the stars at night to steer its course. The journey may be a long one, but it is important to keep certain stars in sight so the captain knows they are going the right direction. This is a metaphor for life: You may have big dreams and feel inspired, but there is a journey you need to take first, and it is important to keep your eyes on the Star you see in the distance ie the new career, the new relationship or the new business success etc. The Star Tarot card reminds us that what you want is possible, but you must be patient and not lose sight of that inspiration that is driving you forward.

How The Star Is working in my life at the moment.

Lately, I have been taking a very deep transformation journey in relation to spirituality and energy in the quantum field, so I am not at all surprised this card has come up for me today. I have been doing a lot of meditating, and exploring the teachings of the Chakras (the energy centres of the body) and how they relate to my health, my relationships and my relationship to money. It has been hugely empowering to say the least.

The Star reminds me I am in a very inspired place, and feelings of renewal and healing are around me, and I feel life is on an upward swing.

Want to listen to a guided meditation on The Star? Click the video below.

What if you want to draw this card but it doesn’t show up in your readings?

Even if you would love to see this card in your Tarot reading, but it is not presenting itself, you can still draw on the energy of the card. The energy of the archetypes of each of the Major Arcana cards are available to all of us as they represent big common human themes. Ask yourself ‘Where in my life can I be more inspired at the moment? Where might I need some inner healing and renewal? What are the big dreams that I had once that I have possibly let go of over time?’ Then spend some time in meditation and quietening your mind to allow your higher self to receive some answers.

What are your experiences with moments of inspiration in your life? Did you follow through on that inspiration or dismiss it as just a fantasy? I would love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave a comment.