The Two Of Swords In TarotScene in the card.

When you look at the Two Of Swords In Tarot you see a woman sitting on a seat who is blindfolded with her arms crossed and a sword in each hand. Calm waters lie behind her. It is night time indicated by the moon in the sky, which is waxing, representing a pending new beginning.

What the number two represents in Tarot.

The number two in Tarot represents duality, a choice, at a cross crossroads, partnership or balance. The deeper meaning of the two within a card will depend on what suit the card is in. For example,  if the Two of Cups comes up, it will more than likely relate to partnerships. If the Two of Pentacles appears, the two will relate to balance,  and when the Two of Wands appears it relates to choices relating to creative endevours. The Two of Swords represents a choice that is more within the mental realm rather than the physical realm.

What the Swords suit represents in Tarot.

Swords In TarotThe Suit of Swords represents the mind in Tarot and it is often associated with analytical and logical thinking, rather than feelings and passion.

Practical Applications.

When you draw the Two of Swords in a Tarot reading it can relate to a situation where you are facing a difficult choice in your life. You are looking at two choices and neither one of them seem like a desirable choice, yet you know that you have to make a choice.

The blindfold in this card indicates that you may not have all the information available to you at this time, and there is more to be discovered about the situation. There are obstacles in your way in order to be able to see the choices clearly. However, once you have been able to clear the obstacles, and a clear choice is made based on logic and the intellect, you will be faced with a new beginning (symbolized by the waxing moon behind the woman).  A new choice may emerge out of what only feels like one of two choices in the present moment.

Another meaning to this card is the need for a truce in a conflict you may be having with someone in your life, or between some conflicting beliefs you may have in your mind around an area that is causing you some stress. Both sides need to be considered rather than one being right over the other, and a third party may help with resolving the two sided conflict. There is a third solution here somewhere, and a little bit from both sides of the coin will be taken in order to reach a conclusion and resolution.

The Two of Swords in TarotQuestions to ask yourself.

  • Is there more information available to me in order to help me make a different choice other than the ones that are appearing to me right now?
  • How might I gather more information so I can see more options?
  • Is there a situation in my life where I am in conflict about externally or internally?
  • How can I consider both sides of the conflict and come up with a new choice?

What situations are you faced with where you are finding it difficult to make a choice? Is there an area in your life where you are experiencing some conflict either externally or internally?