This post is a continued review on Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine course on Mindvalley Academy, which is an online learning platform. This week the course focus is around Triple Warmer meridian symptoms and the relationship to Spleen Meridian. You can read the module review for this course for week 2 here, and week 1 here.

When Triple Warmer is on overdrive, the following symptoms can show up:

  • Inability to adapt to hot or cold temperatures
  • Problems related to temperature imbalances, including colds, fevers, sweats, night sweats, and hot flushes
  • Cold hands or feet
  • Autoimmune disorders (including Multiple Sclerosis) weight problems, asthma, diabetes, hypoglycaemia, morning fatigue
  • Adrenal Exhaustion
  • Edema, irritable bowel, colitis,stomach ulcers, indigestion, rapid heart beat, hyper/hypo-thyroidsim
  • Feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, panic, hysteria, and mood swings
  • Addictions
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Chronic muscle tension
  • Post traumatic stress disorders
  • The Stress Of Modern Life


One of the first things that Donna and David talk about in this weeks module of the course is the meridian flow wheel. It was explained how different times of the day certain organs and energy systems are more activated than others as well as the relationship between the opposite meridians within the chart. They explained the important role of Triple Warmer is simply keeping us alive which is why it plays a strong part in the over all energy system. As you can see below, Triple Warmer is opposite Spleen meridian.

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The problem with Triple Warmer being so powerful in our modern age of excess stimulation is that it interrupts the flow of all the other meridians. This is because our body has not yet evolved to keep up with the way technology has evolved and all the modern day stresses. Our energy system goes back to our hunter gatherer days where the main stress we had was to run away from the tiger we might have been trying to catch in order that we have food for that week. This is where we need that fight or flight response which is in total connection to the Triple Warmer Meridian.

The ‘Tiger’ in modern life.

These days, the simple act of someone cutting us of in traffic can activate that flight or fight response and therefore put Triple Warmer into over drive which then sucks the energy out of Spleen Meridian due the Yin/Yang connection. This has a knock on affect to our feelings of over all wellbeing as the Spleen Meridian plays a huge role in our over all happiness and how our body and mind are able to metabolise substances and thoughts or feelings.

Why most heart attacks are between 9-11AM.

If the Spleen Meridian is weak, it can’t feed into the Heart Meridian and therefore give it energy, and if this becomes a chronic condition, heart attacks can result and is the reason according to Donna why a very high percentage of heart attacks occur between 9-11AM (during Spleen time), because the heart is not receiving the energy and flow it needs from Spleen.

I double checked the facts on this through a quick google search and found it to be congruent with western medical findings in terms of the most common time of day that people have a heart attack.


Exercises to calm Triple Warmer and help Spleen.

The remainder of the week three module in the course focused on techniques you can apply to sedate Triple warmer and therefore allow Spleen to have more energy. This leads to your over all energy system having more energy resulting in greater physical and mental wellbeing. Strengthening the Spleen should usually only occur after sedating Triple warmer. When Triple Warmer is in harmony with Spleen meridian, your immune system, metabolism and mood stay in balance.

The following tools were taught in this week:

  • Triple Warmer Smoothie
  • Tracing Triple Warmer Meridian backwards
  • Sedating Triple Warmer Meridian
  • Flushing Spleen Meridian
  • Tapping Spleen Neuro-lympahtic Reflex points
  • Cross My Heart
  • Triple Warmer/Spleen Hug

My thoughts so far on Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine course.

I have been diligent with practice the daily energy routine every day since I began this course and I have definitely noticed an enhanced clarity in mind around priorities in my life and can make decisions more quickly about the things that come up each day.

After this weeks lesson, I have added the exercises to sedate Triple Warmer to the daily energy routine and this has been the biggest shift for me so far. I feel so grounded once I have sedated Triple warmer and done the daily energy routine that I cannot imagine leaving out these exercises in my daily life from now on.


If you feel unwell, depressed or have any of the above symptoms mentioned above from Triple Warmer being too strong in your bodying therefore weakening every other energy system and organ in your body, I highly recommend you check out the entire Energy Medicine course that Donna and David teach online. It is a fascinating journey of discovery into your own body and how you can take steps in the right direction to healing yourself in a holistic drug free way.

You can purchase the entire 8 week course here.

You can also read my review for week one of the course here, and week two of the course here.

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