In this weekend Tarot Reading for 15th October 2016 I will focus on three aspects related to getting in touch with our higher selves in order to make the weekend feel rewarding.

Your higher calling for the weekend: 6 of Cups

Personal qualities required: Knight Of Swords

Specific action required: King of Swords

6 of Cups in TarotThe 6 of Cups suggests that this weekend there could be an opportunity to explore aspects of your past. There is nostalgia in the air and you may get an opportunity to catch up with an old friend or past lover and share some fond memories. Or, it could be a time where you are faced with memories from the past and get to re-live them in some way. You may feel that life was better in the past and you long to go back to some kind of simplicity to feel better about some current challenges you have.

The Knight of Swords in TarotThis is ok if you are simply looking at a happy memory to remind yourself that life has been good in the past, however the Knight of Swords is suggesting to go in and cut away memories that might be dragging you down in the present moment and to be a little ruthless in separating what is useful to you and what is no longer useful. If you come across a memory that causes you pain, it is time to let it go in order to continue to create life affirming situations for yourself. It might be a good time to go and clear out some old things in your house to clear the energy a little.

The King Of Swords in tarotThe King Of Swords suggests using clear analytical thinking in order to make decisions around what is needed and what is not needed. He challenges you to get to the truth of a situation or relationship by not getting too emotional about the context and seeing clearly what will best serve you right now. Exercise authority in your judgement and be confident about your choices while having a sense of compassion for self and others. You may need to execute some tough decisions in order to clear away attachments from the past.

Questions to ask yourself this weekend:

  • Where am I holding onto things from the past that might be dragging me down?
  • What are useful happy memories for me to hold onto in order to grow my confidence in the present?
  • What tough decisions might I have been avoiding in relation to the past that would be ideal to get clear on now?

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