The Weekly Tarot Reading 13th-19th November 2017 has revealed the following cards:

Passing energy: 9 of Cups Reversed

Present energy: 5 of wands reversed

Future energy: Knight of Pentacles

I felt the urge to talk about cards as energy this week because that is primarily what I feel Tarot cards are-little pockets of energy that help us become aware of our thoughts and feelings and give us knowledge to make more empowering choices about the things that are important to us.

The 9 of Cups In TarotThis week the 9 of cups reversed suggests there is something in your life that you have been feeling a certain amount of dissatisfaction around. An area of your life where you feel something has been missing and have been feeling unfulfilled is making its way out . Your energy is shifting and you are letting go of things that you feel have been blocking you from progress in a certain area. When the 9 of Cups is upright it is symbolic of wishes coming true, experiencing fulfillment and satisfaction over a job well done or a certain pride in yourself. However, when this card is reversed, it symbolises a sense that you can’t quite get what it is you want, and you feel unfulfilled or like something is lacking.



7 of wands in tarotBut given that this card is in the position where the energy is moving out of your life and you are coming into a time where inner conflict about something is also being let go of (as symbolised by the 5 of wands reversed), you are likely to find some relief this week. Some hope is restored around something you have been wanting, or you will just have a sense that life is easier from an emotional sense and feel that fulfillment is possible for you after all.

Knight of Pentacles in TarotThe 5 of Wands reversed in the present energy indicates that the inner battle you have had with yourself regarding a pull in different directions you may have wanted to go is losing its charge and hold over you. You are beginning to feel more settled about your choices. In the past you may have felt torn over which way you want to go or which person to collaborate with, but with the Knight of Pentacles in the position of future energy, you feel much more grounded about your choices and the direction your want to go. You have inner resolve and feel centered and focused on where you are going, and other people are going to have a hard time convincing you otherwise moving forward because you are becoming very much resolved about it.

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