The Weekly Tarot Reading 20th-26th November 2017 has revelealed the following cards:

Passing Energy: Wheel Of Fortune Reversed

Present Energy: Knight Of Cups Reversed

Future Energy: Five of Cups Reversed

The Wheel of Fortune in TarotYou may have felt that last week or many weeks leading up to this week have been chaotic and unpredictable. The Wheel of Fortune highlights quick changes that you may not have seen coming. When the card is reversed, the changes may feel as if they were not really something you were wanting, or perhaps you have just had a hard time riding the ups and downs of your own emotions. This card highlights the old wisdom of ‘what goes up, must come down’, or ‘as above, so below’. We need to know sadness in order for us to feel happiness, otherwise there would be no context, and we would not be able to enjoy the good times when the happen.

Emotional Overtones

I feel this reading is mostly relating to internal states of being rather than outward events as the next two cards being the suit of cups have emotional and spiritual overtones more than physical external aspects.  The Knight of Cups relates to expressing love and affection or a sense we are inspired and desiring to move forward with a relationship or spiritual inspiration. But when the card is reversed, it indicates blocks in this area and you might be feeling disconnected to your internal guidance system or fear expressing yourself to another because you worry they will reject you. This might be a result of the chaotic energy of the Wheel Of Fortune reversed that is now a passing energy but has left you feeling possibly a little depressed or lacking in feelings of inspired grounded emotional energy.

knight-of-cups in tarotRomance

From a romantic relationship point of view you may be feeling quite let down at the moment as what seemed to be a promising relationship has now turned into something that you feel quite disappointed by. It is important you learn from this experience, let go and move on, because the Five of Cups reversed in the future energy is indicating that allowing yourself to wallow in the disappointment is really going to stop you from enjoying other elements of your life and not see the opportunities around you.

Work or general creativity

5 of Cups in TarotFrom a creative or work point of view the Knight of Cups Reversed may be indicating that you need to take an objective look at your work/goals rather than allow your emotions to dictate your choices right now. Don’t be influenced by the volatile up and down nature of the Knight of Cups reversed, especially the fact it is stemming from the Wheel of Fortune reversed which further enhances the volatile energy of extremes.

In summary

So, I think the over all message this week is to stay cool headed, don’t let your runaway emotions get the better of you. Meditate. Calm your moods. You will see more clearly when you do this and make better choices. The future energy of the Five of Cups reversed is indicating this is very important because otherwise you will miss positive opportunities.

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