This week begins with a theme of seeking balance between giving and taking and potentially dealing with people in higher positions which appear to hold all the cards. This is coming through the 6 of Pentacles. This scenario is likely to occur in a work situation where you may feel you have to ‘get down on your knees’ to get something you feel deserving of. I feel the message here is to KNOW you are deserving of it and to see yourself as an equal to the person or body of people who may be the ones who appear to hold all the cards. You don’t need to lower yourself in any way and favourable outcomes are present for those who have a deep sense of self worth who know that the real power lies within the spiritual realms.

In terms of relationships, the 6 of Pentacles reminds us to look at our own power plays in the intimate dynamics of friendships and romantic situations. Are we feeling like we need to ‘beg’ to get the attention we feel we deserve? Or on the flip side, do we feel someone around us is begging for our attention? Ask yourself how you can bring more balance to the situation, and remember to always be kind to others as well as to yourself.

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On a global level I feel this message is so apt at the moment. The power structures of the world are changing and the 99% are finding their own voice more and beginning to wake up to their own worth and less likely to tolerate being controlled by the mainstream media and beginning to see through political facade.

The Knight of Swords in TarotThere is also a sense of urgency this week to get to the truth of a situation and this is coming through the Knight Of Swords where he is swooping in to cut through opposition and swiftly take charge. I feel this is related to the 6 of Pentacles in that the energy of the Knight of Swords feels as if he doesn’t move quickly he may miss out on an opportunity to get what he deserves. You may feel that you need to be on your toes to claim what is yours this week and be ready to fight for it. As this relates to mental air energy, I mostly feel this will be on an intellectual level where you may need to find clarity before you swiftly move in to stake your claim.

The Star in TarotOver all this week though, The Star is indicating that it is most important to come from our spiritual self. When it comes to our power, I feel speaking our truth will be most important in connecting to our self worth. The 6th Chakra (our throat chakra) may need to be opened this week to be able to speak our truth as this is where we will find our own power. Spend some quiet time reflecting on the things you may not be speaking up about-either to another or to yourself. The Star card is a healing card that comes after the destruction of The Tower and this week a sense of hope may return to you that you may not have felt in quiet some time. Blocked expression will have a chance to move out and restore you. Taking inspiration from the flowing movement of water and expressing emotion in constructive ways will help you this week.

Questions to ask yourself:

How can I come more from the spiritual realms which will help the energy move quickly into more balance than if I discount the spiritual realms? Where does expressing myself need to be freed up? How can I speak my truth more to level the playing field?

Oracle Card Of The Week: Self Love

Sacred Power Reading CardsThis card from Anna Stark’s Sacred Power Reading Cards is all about the exploration of the inner child. There may be past wounds from your childhood that are being triggered and presenting themselves to you this week in order to be healed. They manifest themselves by extreme surges of emotion where you feel you want to lash out at someone or something in a way that seems out of proportion to the circumstance. Listen to the part of you which feels helpless and powerless and ask yourself how you can allow yourself to feel more of a sense of safety and wholeness. There simply may just be something you need to have the courage to say ‘no’ to so you can have more healthy boundaries around a situation.

Practice EFT to heal extreme emotions and other energy modalities to help bring any extreme emotions back into balance so that you may more easily speak your truth in a calm but effective way.

Here’s a routine you can try to help you get started: