Five of Wands in Tarot

The weekly Tarot Reading for 20th February 2017 reveals that there may be some inner conflict going on around matters of heart. Multiple directions are revealing themselves and you are being challenged to be true to yourself to make the best decision as to which way you should go.

Card One: The Five Of Wands

Card Two: The Lovers

Card Three: Queen of Cups

Five of Wands in TarotThe Five Of Wands suggests that you may have some inner tension around your direction and purpose this week. You may feel as if your energy is scattered or have a tendency to be argumentative with others around you change the direction you were going several times during the week. There is a sense of unsureness as to what it the best path of action for you in the areas you are focusing on.

The Lovers In TarotThe Lovers reminds us to stay true to our highest values and ideals and that when we stray from these we feel a sense of unease or even loss about what our path really is. When the matter is around a relationship, you may be challenged to stand up for what you believe in and this can potentially lead to a moment of conflict with your nearest and dearest.

When it concerns the workplace, you may feel as if you are at odds with your co-workers as to which is the best path to go, and question whether your current workplace suits your ideals and ideas you have about the world and life in general.

When it relates to financial matters you could feel torn between spending your money on things that only give you short term gratification and things that will give you lasting value. Before you make any transaction anywhere, do a quick check in with yourself and ask yourself if the thing you are about to purchase will actually add to your wealth further down the track (e.g. are you buying quality or quantity?) or allow your spirit to feel a sense of abundance longer than just the day your bought it.

queen-of-cupsThe Queen of Cups reminds us to be in touch with our emotions this week and be sensitive to those around us as well as respecting what brings us deep feelings of happiness and joy. She is calm and intuitive, often psychic in nature and is full of compassion. Remember to direct some of that compassionate energy towards yourself this week-especially where you feel pulled in several directions and feeling unsure. Allow yourself to listen to the inner voice that is prompting you towards what feels the most joyful and gives you the most sense of ease. That is your emotional clue as to which direction suits you the most.

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