This weeks universal reading is indicating that a discordant relationship or business partnership is moving out of your life or coming to some kind of resolution. There also may be a sudden change that has come out of the blue, but this change leads you to something much better.

The cards:

What Will Help you: 2 of Cups Reversed

What Will Hinder You: The Tower

Your Unrealised Potential: King Of Pentacles


2 of Cups in TarotIf this reading relates to a romantic relationship it could mean that you and your partner have been feeling disharmony between you for a while lately and the relationship is heading for a sudden break up or shake up as indicated by the Tower. There may have been tension building for quite some time now, and this week it all erupts and pressure is released in ways that take you by surprise. However, with the King of Pentacles in the position of ‘your unrealised potential’ this sudden change actually leads you or the relationship into something that is much more abundant and stable.


If this reading relates to your work place, you may have been feeling your creative input has not been appreciated lately or you have felt you are lacking an emotional connection to your work. There may be some sudden changes within the workplace such as restructuring, or a boss/manager leaving suddenly or something else that takes you by surprise but is necessary for more growth somewhere else combined with more financial reward.

Creative Endeavours

king-of-pentacles in tarotIf you are a creative person such as someone who works in the arts, a writer, blogger, musician or performer of some sort, this week you will reach some resolution about the creative blocks you have been feeling laterly. These blocks have actually helped you in that in order for you to reach new territory in your work it was necessary to feel the tension of lack of flow before a flash of huge inspiration struck which will enable you to move forward with confidence and security. your burst of somewhat sudden inspiration may throw our mind into chaos and leave you feeling a little imbalanced for a while because so much raw energy has been released. But you will find your feet again with the King of Pentacles, and end up feeling like you are much more grounded than you were before.

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Do you know someone who has Alzheimer’s disease?

As a Tarot reader reading for people all over the world, I have the privilege of often meeting new people. Last week I met Bill- who has written an important book on caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease. In his case, it was his own mother.

Here is a little bit about Bill:

Bill Galea is the author of “When I Go Home: An Alzheimer’s Caregiver Story of Love.” This book tells the inspiring true story of a son’s loving care and devotion for his Mom, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to the compelling narrative of their journey, he discusses every aspect of the caregiver experience, including his valuable insights into this disease. Bill demonstrates how to communicate both with and on behalf of your loved one with loving kindness, patience, sensitivity, and compassion. He encourages caregivers to take advantage of all available resources. 

Bill currently shares his wide-ranging experience to advocate passionately on behalf of those who live with Alzheimer’s and their loving family caregivers. He is committed to inspiring the public, government and business towards higher awareness, sensitivity, and compassion. In conjunction with achieving a heightened awareness, his intention is to create a more dynamic national commitment towards better comprehensive care, treatment and discovering a cure.

Bill is a marketing consultant with a bachelor’s degree in political science from Montclair State University. He recently completed two (2) virtual and in-person caregiver training programs. Subsequently, he earned both a Certified Caregiving Consultant (CCC) and Certified Caregiving Educator (CCE) certification from 

Information regarding the scheduling of book signings and public speaking engagements can be directed to Bill at

You can grab a copy of Bill’s book below!