The weekly Tarot reading for the 2nd of July to the 8th of July have revealed the following cards:

Weekly Tarot Reading 2nd-8th July 2018

  • The Lovers
  • The Sun Reversed
  • 9 of Wands

Central Theme of the week

A sense that life is lacking vitality and joy or feeling like you have no luck right now. The Sun Reversed can relate to feeling somewhat depressed, but also know that it is only temporary.

The significant factors around this issue

Difficulties in relationships and a feeling like you have been through the wars to get to where you are today. Feeling wary of what else might occur or what is yet to come to reach a state of completion around the issue at hand.

Relating to Love:

This week you may experience more challenge around a particularly important relationship in your life whether that be romantic or a close friendship. It will involve someone who influences you to a large degree and has impacted your life choices for a while. You may be questioning at this moment in time whether the struggle you have had with this person is worth it as you have endured some battle scars a long the way. With the presence of The Sun in this spread, despite it being reversed, it indicates that the relationship is an important one to you and therefore despite all the struggles, it is not one you should be walking away from quickly. It might be time to have a look at the positive aspects of the relationship more than the struggles themselves so you can help change the energy dynamic between the two of you.

Relating To Career:

You may be feeling at odds with the culture in your work place which might be challenging your own values. The Lovers card can relate to personal convictions and things you hold important in relation to your perception of the way you feel life should be like. This week you may be feeling that the struggles you have had in striving to live in alignment with your personal beliefs or values in the workplace may not be worth it. But with the presence of The Sun reversed, you may not yet be consciously aware that you have actually achieved a great deal and the fruits of your labour are close at hand. Even though you feel a little battle weary, take heart that you are on the right track and keep going!

Relating to Health: Emotional and Physical

The Sun reversed can indicate that you feel like you have lost some energy and vitality and may be experiencing some set backs with your health. Physically you may be feeling exhausted after events that have been stressful and tested your resolve and commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. An injury may be weighing you down and may be adding to some anxiety and doubt that you can easily pursue certain goals or milestones or take action on certain things in the physical realm. The key around all of this is reconnecting with things that lead you to feel passionate. If you are feeling a sense of anxiety, look to the things you feel most passionate about and reconnect with them. Anxiety can simply relate to not being clear about the things that are the most important to you. So use the energy of Sun to shine towards the things that give you joy and passion, and leave the anxieties in the darkness where they will have less power over you.

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