WEEKLY TAROT READING 30th OCTOBER - 5th NOVEMBER 2017The weekly Tarot reading for 30th October to 5th November 2017  reveals that there is some energy hanging over from last week due to the Judgement card reversed showing up as the first card for the week. Last week this card came up on a Thursday and indicates there is a calling you may not be answering, or are holding back from. There may be a strong urge to be living out some kind of purpose that you desire, but you are experiencing challengers or blocks to your success. There is potential to take the things that you wish to do and turn them into something you love and have an impact on those around you or your wider community, but you may be in a hurry to make these things happen and feel tempted to cut corners. But this will only lead to further set backs and will lead you to feel cut off from values you hold dear to your heart.

Monday-Judgement Reversed

The Judgement card in TarotWhen this card is reversed, it can be an indicator that you are not trusting your own judgement about a certain person or situation in your life. You may be filled with self doubt, and feel that you don’t have a choice in the matter. You may feel vulnerable and this may lead you to make ‘safe’ decisions rather than take risks that you have thought about taking in the past. Take some time to examine what fears might be holding you back in terms of trusting your better judgement and ask yourself what is one small thing you can do to break up this energy of self doubt.

Tuesday- Page of Wands Reversed

Page of Wands in TarotThe Page of Wands reversed indicates a person who has just started out on some kind of journey either inwardly or outwardly and has set off with a certain naiveness. It can relate to a person who has tried a number of different new paths or choices but none have been particularly successful. I feel this card directly relates to the Judgement card reversed from the previous day where if you give in to the critical thoughts you may have about yourself then you are likely to make unwise choices about your path moving forward. Try and flip the reversed energy of the Page of Wands and allow yourself to be re-inspired towards a direction you wish to go. The green shoots coming out of the Page’s wand indicates those positive impulses you have about a direction are an indication you are going the right way.

Wednesday-6 of Wands Reversed

6 of Wands in TarotThere is a strong fire energy in this whole spread which highlights creativty, passion and enjoyment. The down side of fire energy is that it can be burned down quickly and therefore you lose a certain amount of motivation to keep going. The 6 of Wands reversed suggests that you have people on your side, but you may not be recognizing who they are or where they are. You can over come challenges or obstacles, but will need the help of others around you to either gain a different perspective, or help you stay motivated and on course towards something you want. If you try and go it alone, this is where you energy may burn down quickly. We are naturally social beings, so don’t be shy to ask for help.

Thursday-The King of Wands

King of Wands in TarotFinally we get an upright card in the spread, and a very powerful and positive one too. The King of Wands suggests that you can overcome the self doubt and feelings of lack of direction at the beginning of the week by taking charge of certain things that you know you would benefit from doing, but have been procrastinating on. The King of Wands is a leader. He leads with an eye on what he wants and he leads with action. He is not a dreamer-he is a doer and gets on with what needs to be done. Take his energy today and run with it! Allow yourself to focus on his energy for the entire week as it is his energy that will propel you forward and enable a sense of self confidence.

Friday-The 7 of Swords

7 of Swords in TarotThis card was what I was referring to at the beginnig of this reading in that if you give in to the self doubt of the beginning of the week, you will be tempted to cut corners that could have a negative impact further down the line. Go back to the positive energy of the King of Wands. Today would be a good day to spend some time with my 7 of swords meditation to help you release feelings that you are not enough or that you don’t have enough.

Saturday-The Hanged Man Reversed

The Hanged Man In TarotToday may leave you feeling as if you have to sacrifice a part of yourself for another that you really don’t want to. It may take the form of going out of your way to help someone do something that they really need to be doing for themselves, or taking the blame for something that you know was not your fault. Don’t go there today! You may feel like a bit of a martry today but there is no need for it. Stay strong in your own boundaries and do not allow others to manipulate you.

Sunday-The Lovers Reversed

The Lovers in TarotNoone likes to see the Lovers Reversed-especially on a Sunday! But today might be one of those days where your personal values get challenged. This could be the theme for the whole weekend actually due to the Hanged Man Reversed yesterday and today The Lovers Reversed. Due to yesterdays energy of possibly feeling as if you need to sacrifice yourself for someone else in an unhealthy way, today’s result may leave you feeling as if you have gone against your deeper beliefs that relate to your view of reality and what feels right for you.

If I were to sum up the whole week in a few words, it would be to trust yourself, have self confidence and believe in the direction your heart is telling you that you want to go!


Did this reading resonate with you? Feel free to comment below and let me know! ( I answer every comment-I promise!)

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