Tarot Reading 31st October

The Weekly Tarot Reading for 31st October reveals that in order to give yourself the most chance of success you must act in alignment with your true calling and be honest about how authentic you are being.

Past: The Page Of Pentacles

Page of PentaclesAmazingly, this was the first card that showed up in last weeks reading. So, the Page of Pentacles must have a particular message for us right now. Last week you may have had a strong focus on all your goals and the desires you have for the future. The Page of Pentacles is looking at a coin and seeing what he might be able to create in the future. This could be in relation to your material abundance, new job opportunities and new growth. You may have had a taste of what your version of success feels like and have embraced more inner confidence around your desires and anticipated future.

You can see in the background of this card that there is a new crop that has recently been toiled which symbolizes planting the seeds for future opportunity. This is an area you may have been focused and you may feel that all your efforts are just starting to bear some fruit.

Present: Judgement

judgementThis week the Judgement card asks you to consider whether the way you are going about your goals and desires is in line with your true values and authentic self. Do you feel the things you want to create help with your calling in life? Are you acting in alignment with your soul? The way to determine this is to notice that when you are taking action towards something you want that it feels good while you are doing it.  Instead of looking at your long goals list/things to do list, take some time to first consider how you want to feel, rather than what you want to do. By taking a moment to consider this, a list of actions you can take will naturally flow from this.

For example, you might think about how you will feel when you achieve a certain thing you want. It might be that you will feel connected to people, in flow, like you are really giving something of value to people. You might feel useful, professional, skilled, confident, loving, present and abundant. You look at these emotions or states of being and ask yourself how you could feel some of these emotions today? As you narrow it all down, you then ask, ‘what can I do today that would enable me to feel these things now rather than some time in the distant future?’

Basically anything we want in life is because we believe we will feel better in the having of that thing. So, why don’t we start with the emotion first? We want more money because of all the things we think we will be able to do with more money and that it will make us feel a certain way. Perhaps you feel it will give you more freedom. So, what small thing can you do today that will make you feel a tiny little bit more free without the money having to appear first?

Having a list of goals and trying to fulfill some kind of calling can be a great thing, but it is important to remember the reason we are wanting to do it all in the first place, which is to feel differently about something than we presently feel. You are aligned with your soul when you feel good. So why not go after the feeling first so the actions you take are more inspired?

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Future: The  7 of Swords Reversed

7 of SwordsIn terms of the future card this week, the 7 of Swords reversed is suggesting that you will feel a sense of relief from the mental challenges you have been facing recently. This will be particularly true if you are able to address the way you want to feel before you address all the things you think you have to do in order to get a certain thing. This is inspired living at the core. This card also challenges you to look honestly at what it is you think you want and ask whether you have been acting in ways that are truly allowing for that thing to happen. If you feel you have been struggling on a daily basis and often in a state of resistance and negative emotion, then you are blocking your abundance in some way and you would be wise to reconsider the way you have been doing things. The above suggestions around cultivating the feeling first would be a good place to start. The 7 of Swords can be a card suggesting deception, and in this spread, it can relate to deceiving yourself in terms of the actions you need to take to get what you want, as well as whether or not what you want is truly in line with your soul.

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